News 18 augustus

Controversial integration expert dismissed by the municipality of Rotterdam (2009)

News 19 augustus

Hague artleet Troy Douglas suspended after discovery nandrolone (1999)

News 20 augustus

De Witt brothers lynched in The Hague (1672), Rotterdam butter gives people red itchy blisters (1960) Hague and textile giant called on an acquisition on the mat (1970)

News 21 augustus

For many dates are already beautiful and unique stories and events found. Voor 21 August not yet the case.

News 22 augustus

End Siege of Dordrecht (1299), Violent escape from prison in Scheveningen (1986) and dead in riots beach party Hoek van Holland (2009)

News 23 augustus

Wijkagenten dagen Van Hanegem (AZ) uit voor een hardloopwedstrijd (1976)

News 25 augustus

Inland blocks Rhine, Mesh and other waterways (1975)

News 26 augustus

Oh what's long search for the exciting and interesting story 26 augustus. For now it is still not found.

News 27 augustus

Sometimes you find one date over ten beautiful historic events and other days nothing seems to have happened. That is also the case for 27 augustus.