17 september 1981 - ALSO poison scandal DORDRECHT DISTRICT AROUND THE TAIL

Dordrecht – In the Dordrecht district Tail is found poison. Zo’n 1.500 houses are severely toxic soil. The poison comes from the Chemical Industry Rijnmond, that a belt collapsed in the 60s. Eventually there 106 houses demolished.


17 september 1913 – SILENT PROTEST for women's suffrage

Den Haag – Hundreds of women go – in groups of 25, For a demonstration was banned – to the Courtyard to be there in silence to walk around. They do so in protest, because there are still no women's suffrage exists.


17 september 1637 - FIRST Statenbijbel HANDED IN THE HAGUE

Den Haag – The States General is handed the first KJV, the first official English Bible. The book has been translated directly from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. The contract for the translation came from the Synod of Dordrecht (1618). The government paid translation.


The Hague - After a hostage in the French Embassy in The Hague, which lasted be free all the hostages about four days. The Japanese captors, who demanded the release of a Japanese from a French cell, may fly in a Boeing Syria. Schiphol is released ambassador. It is the first major hostage on Dutch soil, which ultimately cost any lives.


17 september 2004 - RESEARCH reopened in Schiedam park murder

Schiedam – Justice reopens the investigation into the murder of 10-year Nienke Kleiss Schiedam. The police has anyone done a full confession about the murder, while Kees B. two years serving a prison sentence for the death of the girl. The new suspect, Wik H., sat for another offense in the cell.

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