ERMELO – After a very disappointing season 2010/2011, Feyenoord is the new season again started with a setback. The new technical director Martin van Geel should be looking for a new coach. Mario Been has taken immediate dismissal, after a large majority of the squad after a vote has lost confidence in the coach. Leon Vlemmings temporarily assumes the duties of head coach on.

Ron Vlaar. Foto: Wikimedia

The vote took place at the training camp in Ermelo. The players arrived Monday for the first time together, captain Ron Vlaar explained in a press conference. After the disaster seasonal wild Vlaar create certain rules last year in the squad.

"Between the lines, I noticed that there was much irritation. And that there will be a thing apron to trust and what happened last year and how it might go next season. " (Ron Vlaar, 13-07-2011)

This criticism Vlaar went to technical director Martin van Geel. "I am enormously shocked", declared the new technical man in the Cockpit. "I said one more time listening, know what this will bring about. Give it another chance. "

For this reason, last night was a second meeting players. This time the question was put on the table which was a departure from the coach. Of the eighteen players who cast a vote there were thirteen for the departure of Bone. "That was for me a signal and a sign that the group is so large that I had to connect it immediately."

Where Vlaar himself voted for, he did not say.


Martin van Geel could then bring the news to the protagonist, who knew nothing at that time still, Mario Been.

“Mario (Been, DD) then was nowhere more in. There snapped something at him. He went to his room, has packed his things and went home. " (Martin van Geel, 13-07-2011)

One possibility was to call a reconciliation pointless Van Geel.

Martin van Geel, Feyenoord technical director. Foto: Wikimedia

players responsible

Martin van Geel was to put it mildly not happy with the outcome of the players revolt. "Here Feyenoord was not waiting. Here I was not waiting for ", he announced loud and clear at the press conference, with Ron Vlaar beside him. "The vote was a wrong decision. The timing was not good. The management is not totally behind. "

Van Geel wants to be held responsible in any way for the procedure during the training camp.

According Vlaar the players have stood open for a conversation with Bone on the new situation, but the dissatisfaction within the group was too big to do anything. "But we know what the consequences. For now and in the coming months. It is far-reaching. "

disaster Season

Been werd in 2009 presented as coach of Feyenoord. After a successful period at Excelsior and NEC he follows Gertjan Verbeek.

The first season delivers a fourth place and European football. Feyenoord also took the cup final, lost after a double encounter Ajax.

Stadion Feyenoord – Foto: Wikimedia

But the financial difficulties no purchases can be presented. The selection is very young with talents like Stefan de Vrij, Bruno Martins Indi, Kelvin Leerdam, Erwin Mulder and left this summer Wijnaldum. Met 26 year captain Ron Vlaar one of the older players in the group.

The low point of the season is the 10-0 defeat against PSV, the largest defeat in club history. The team is a few weeks later, even as the sixteenth. The team ends up in tenth place.

The criticism is large, Bone but repeatedly defends the young squad. Maybe the way things feel therefore more painful, According to Van Geel.

"He liked to hear it's terrible that the group of players, he always gave much support, that they had lost confidence in him. He felt enormously cheated. " (Martin van Geel, 13-07-2011)


Leg Who should go follow now is not clear. Leon Vlemmings together with Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Patrick Lodewijks handle the training camp.

"But otherwise I can about it for a second there still think", sighs Van Geel. "We really are in a 24-hour film. Let's settle everything peacefully. be as clear and think of the future. I've now not a second can think about. "

Mario Been has itself made no comment on his departure.

Hoe ging het verder?

Supporters respond disappointed at the departure of Marion Bone. But that disappointment strikes pretty quickly in hope. For Feyenoord comes within two weeks to name a new coach: Ronald Koeman. The beginning of the season is nice, but after a few games will relapse, including an 6-0 defeat against FC Groningen.

Then the march upward and Feyenoord climbs starting from eighth to second place. Thus he took the preliminary round of the Champions League.


AD came a day after the press conference with an analysis of the vote that took place at the training camp. Five players were strongly in favor of the departure of Bone, Sjoerd Mossou wrote a day later. followed the young players.

Ron Vlaar, Karim El Ahmadi, Leroy Fer, Stedan the Free and Diego Biseswar would have been especially against. Young followers were under the AD Bart Schenkeveld, Jerson Cabral, Adil Auassar, Darley, Kelvin Leerdam, Ramon van Haaren, Bruno Martins Indi one Erwin Mulder.

would prevent the departure Ruben Schaken, Dani Fernandez, Rescue Cissé, Kostas Lamprou and kamohelo mokotjo voted.

five newcomers (Kaj Ramsteijn, Guyon Fernandez, Jordy Clasie, Miquel Nelom and Shabir Isoufi) abstained from comment.


Leg draw half months after leaving Racing Genk. He is third with his new club in the first season and qualified for the Europa League. In his second season Genk even European wintered, something that never had managed the club. In that season Genk also tackles the Belgian Cup, the only prize that has managed to hold Bone as head coach.

After two seasons Bone fired poor results after a series at Genk. He was assistant to Dick Advocaat at Fenerbahçe. If the contract Lawyer is not renewed after one season, departs Leg. After a six-week period (!) Apoel Nicosia in Bone returns to Netherlands. Since then he has mostly analyst for Fox Sports.


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