ALPHEN AAN DEN RIJN - Alphen aan den Rijn is potentially affected by the biggest environmental scandal in history Netherlands. would include recreation Zegersloot in Coupépolder 100.000 vessels lie with industry- and hospital. For comparison: the infamous affair was about Lekkerkerk 1.600 barrels.

The area was to late 70s a regional landfill. Nowadays there is a golf course. Nearby are a petting zoo, the residential Ridderveld and camping.

According to Mayor Put these there is no danger for public health, because the vessels are intact. Put these says it may take years before the tanks to rust and leaks occur. Also, the possibility that a part of the waste comprises radioactive. Therefore, it is now also done research with Geiger counters.

After the closure of the site was cleaned the area. Vessels were then not found. Environmental commissioner Van der Vlist has decided to explore the area.

According to the Telegraph, the police was tipped off six months ago on the illegal dumping of toxic waste. The waste, there would be deposited by a transport from Hazerswoude. That company denies it has something to do with the dump has.


The waste would be, inter alia, originating from the Academic Hospital Leiden. It then would go to the AVR (Disposal Rijnmond) must be brought to be destroyed, but it never arrived. The hospital did two months ago reported the disappearance of 11.000 vaten gif.

There may be bribed officials for the illegal dumping of waste. That is now being investigated. An officer would not have carried out some checks for cash.

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The manager of the nearby petting Zegerplas, said earlier today at Het Vrije Volk that he still does not care. "If there would sit with us poison in the ground, we would already have noticed that. Recently there have been thirty lambs born. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. "

According to the manager, there is therefore no reason to exclude the children pending investigations.

Also in the ditches around the golf course is not a poison found in water samples. That is, the poison will not spread through groundwater.


is in the residential Ridderveld more concerned with. One of the children says visitor TGen Het Vrije Volk they are worried about their children. She moved from Vlaardingen to this area ten years ago.

“Ik dacht: here I am well, as in rural areas. This morning I thought we can move better again. "

(resident, Het Vrije Volk, 17-03-2018)

An elderly couple found that the officer is suspected of corruption itself but should dig all vessels.

this morning just a few phone calls about the illegal tip received by the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn. But the expectation is that this afternoon will be many more questions.

Hoe ging het verder?

The poison scandal is indeed one of the biggest in Dutch history. The worst pollution is prevented by beating a sheet and applying a cover layer, which liberated toxic gases must stop.

The municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn and the province of South Holland will then look for a method to Coupépolder, such as the area is called, remediate. But in doing so will affect the not too deep into their pockets.

The State Council decision final 2002 that "best available technology" should be used for remediation, but that's still not done.

The vessels including lead, cadmium, nickel and benzene are still lying in the ground.

The transporter responsible convicted for dumping the waste into 4,5 years in prison.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 17-03-2018

story number: 74

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