News 5 januari

Black smoke rises over Dordrecht and Hoekschewaard after fire at Chemie Pack (2011), Omtreden concillie about celibacy launched in Noordwijkerhout (1970) and Helletocht in Maasland; Hulzebosch win NK on natural (1993).

News 12 december

Moerdijkbrug also for cars passable (1936) Protesters and plants bunch coming from landfill (1992)

News 11 oktober

Queen Juliana opens revamped Moerdijkbrug (1978), Also anthrax letters in The Hague (2001) and Nobel Peace Prize for setting Hague (2013)

News 6 oktober

NLM device crashes near Moerdijk after flight from Rotterdam (1981) and the Queen's Commissioner for stepping on Ceteco affair (1999)

News 14 juli

Unrest in caravan world: 23 fires in Katwijk in one weekend (1971), Dioxin found in milk Vlaardingse (1989) First and condemnation by ICTY (1997)

News 11 juli

Queen Beatrix closes Maasvlakte (2012)

News 7 juli

Mega transportation of oil rig 110 meter high over New Waterway (1976), Finally agreed in Rotterdam harbor after six months of operations (1987) and Richard Krajicek won Wimbledon Tennis Championships (1996)