DORDRECHT - A day before the Eredivisie season begins, is a trainer / coach Dick Advocaat resigned merger club SVV / Dordrecht'90. Lawyer and chairman Kees den Braven differed too much insight about the policies to be.

Lawyer (43) did not want to say too much about the conflict with The eccentric president.

"The president has ideas on how the club should run. I also. Because our ideas rather diverged, we have decided to put an end "

(NRC Handelsblad - 21-08-1991)

According to De Telegraaf Lawyer and Den Braven clashed several times together over the policies to be.

"My starting point, all operating in and around the players. In my insights, because if something goes wrong, I can only be held accountable. So I was at my former clubs Haarlem and SVV used to working, because it is the only way to head coach to come up to its promise. Unfortunately Den Braven thought otherwise and there I drew my conclusions. "

(Telegraph, 21-08-1991)

According to Trouw would Lawyer last week exploded, when he heard that Michel Langerak could be rented for half a year to VVV. Langerak was as Advocaat is the only head specialist in the selection.

Lawyer would have been furious to the note of Den Braven that all players had been that they had to do it this season on two pairs of shoes. According to the coach, there were certainly needed four. Those players were then just pay out of pocket.

Den Braven also demanded that the training this week would start an hour later, because one player, Romeo Forests, had not been released from his other employer. That employer was Den Braven itself; Forests worked part time at Den Braven Oosterhout.

Goalkeeper Joop Hiele and Peter Barendse, who already Lawyer worked at SVV, tried to persuade the coach to have in stay Dordrecht, During a visit to Voorburg, but did attempt nothing.

Lawyer, which combined the function as a coach with the position of assistant coach Rinus Michels, was coach two years SVV. At the end of last season, the club merged with Schiedam Dordrecht'90, after talks with Feyenoord came to nothing. Advocaat was in a merger Feyenoord became assistant to Hans Dorjee.

Selection KJV Dordrecht'90 pre-season 1991/1992. Foto: Archives FC Dordrecht


After the announcement of the merger, At the end of last season, broke out around the two clubs a turbulent period. The clubs would fully be merged, with Dordrecht as host city. was the sports Harga of SVV previously rejected for Premiership Football.

But created by merging the clubs soon wobbles. Initially, the former owner was still SVV know that new European club football was, but those ambitions were quick to sharply downgraded.

The club was by merging with a selection of 39 (!) contract players. For the first training (Then there were 25 players about) were even two dressing rooms needed.

Part of the selection, especially with players before the season played in the First Division with Dordrecht'90, there was no room at the selection they were told. They were 'at friendly prices' leave, was chairman Kees den Braven know.

But it was precisely the better players of SVV, as Marcel van der Net, Jos Luhukay and Piet Keur the left.

Lawyer also got stuck in a fix. Where two clubs, there are two trainers. Den Braven had to choose between Hans Verèl and Dick Advocaat. was chosen lawyer and Verel was technical director. And Verel was not happy.

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Dark clouds

Financially it was not immediately downwind. By the extremely wide selection, the club had a hole in the budget of one million guilders a total of 4,5 million. The company Den Braven has the next four years provided guarantees to cover losses.

However, the ambition was a few weeks ago clearly downgraded. Advocaat was also pretty clear. "For a high- classification is my selection too young ", He said earlier this month in Het Parool. "Enforcement is my main objective. "

Who is tomorrow on the bench The merged club is not yet clear. Assistant Peter van Velzen would show its solidarity declared the trainer and not a 'yes' even told the request Den Braven temporarily to take the honors. You may need Den Braven rely on Verel, but that would not be chewed by a part of the group to become.

Hoe ging het verder?

KJV / Dordrecht'90 lost the season opener with 1-0. The only goal of the match was fifteen minutes before. Van Velzen was still on the couch.

In the week after the merger club won 6-1 (!) VVV (with Langerak). In addition, the Limburg has to be said eighty minutes less playing with a man.

In September Hans Verèl took over, to the fury of the players, after Van Velzen had reported sick after a meeting with the board. Van Velzen asked for a redundancy scheme, but that did not.

Despite all KJV / Dordrecht'90 ended on spot 15, the best place in club history Dordrecht'90.

In the season that followed was the coach Han Berger the Krommedijk. The team is even a form of European Football (therewith was more or less still fulfilled the promise of Van Dijk): Intertoto.

The league degrades SVV / Dordrecht'90. Then the commitment John van Dijk had ended and disappeared proceeded name SVV from the club name. Dordrecht'90 turned in 1994 Back to the highest level, but was there again last.

With Lawyer went further fine off. He followed Rinus Michels after EK 1992 as coach, more than a year after his departure from Dordrecht. At the World Cup 1994 Orange in the United States reached the quarterfinals. Therein it was eliminated by Brazil.

Then followed a long list of clubs and national teams. At the time of publication of this article Lawyer just started working at Feyenoord.

Cees the Braven (right) Hans Kraay Jr.. Foto: Archives FC Dordrecht

Kees den Braven remained tied for a few years as chairman Dordrecht'90. He is still adored by some of the supporters of the club. He was succeeded by the flamboyant former referee Frans Derks.

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