DORDRECHT - The continuing cold of recent weeks is the Oude Maas at Dordrecht completely frozen. Because the spring between Dordrecht and Zwijndrecht forced to no more sails, There is a highway on the ice made.  

It is the first time since 1916 that there is a path on the ice is made. Ponton Irish have beaten on both sides of the river bridges for it- and driving on the ice.

In recent days caused the stormy east wind before that the temperatures declined further. In De Bilt a temperature was measured by -17 graden. That is not a record, but such temperatures are very rare.

That the river is frozen does not come as a surprise. In recent days, more and more came to be drifting ice in the river. And despite all attempts, less and less movement got in the ice.

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Fixed on the ice

In recent days, there were several problems with the drift ice. The regular ferry had to be replaced Saturday by tugboat 'Dagmar' the firm Noels, because the spring could not come through ice.

Later that day, fate hit, then also established the Dagmar got caught. The drift ice had ensured that the propeller of the ship piece was beaten. Despite the help of two other tugs, it was found that the Dagmar, forty people on board, was deadlocked.

Ferry I'm stuck in the ice and is easily pulled by tugboat Dagmar. Later, the tugboat was also stuck itself. Foto: G.M.Brugman, Regional Archives Drechtsteden

The people are then switched on and Hollandia brought to the side. It appeared that three people had switched made. They were passengers who had gone to the engine, because the it was warmer. They did not notice that the rest of the passengers on board had gone.

It was no longer possible for the tugs to another time to sail to the Dagmar, so the three men forced the night spend the ship. Adjust the Sunday Dagmar could be refloated. The ship is, the three passengers, to New Haven in Dordrecht brought.

To wait

Then Saturday night it became clear that the ferry does not was longer possible, stood on the side Dordrecht hundred people wait to make the trip to Zwijndrecht. There was a moment to see whether the People were allowed to walk across the railway bridge, but that was - despite the exceptional situation - still banned.

Many people had to spend the night in the cold or in the waiting room at the Veerplein. Only in the early morning were the people on the railway back to Zwijndrecht.

Other parts of the country

In much of the country's shipping out to be virtually silent. Rotterdam Parkhaven and Waalhaven are no longer reachable. In most places sail the ferry still.

One annoying side effect of the rigid cold is that the heaters be heated considerably, with all its consequences. The fire department had its hands full with the many large and small fires past weekend. This was to Amsterdam theater in flames. Gouda burned a workshop of the fire from.

Hoe ging het verder?

From 11 up to and including 22 February passed over approximately 700 cars per day on the ice. They were not all cars, because there were horse-drawn chariots.

The cold kept still for a moment. And after another week of extreme cold, special measures were taken. Thus, an attempt was made to blow up the ice with explosives, but without result.


Regional Streekarchief Dordrecht

Haagsche Courant – 12-02-1929 – Toenemde stagnation in traffic

Author: Dave Datema

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published: 10-02-2019