DORDRECHT - tonight kidnapped a baby from the Merwede Hospital in Dordrecht. The baby was six days old and in a special section with other newborns.

According to police, no one has been reported saying that the boy was abducted. The police do not disclose.

The boy was last night taken from the so-called cradle room '. The disappearance was discovered around one hour. The baby was around midnight in his crib, but an hour later he had disappeared.

After the baby turned out to be the mother and father, Police was called in. Which has again searched the entire complex.

Hospital Director Höppener is shocked by the kidnapping.

"As a doctor you learn to deal with life and death, but in this case you are powerless. A little child is the most defenseless that there is. It is unbelievable and unreal. We're pretty excited and very committed to the family "

(Höppener director of Merwedeziekenhuis, Vrije Volk, 25-10-1988)

Radio Rijnmond's retrospective on the kidnapping

According to hospital staff, the parents are desperate. Also does the father since the kidnapping no more time on the part of the mother, writes the Telegraph.

For privacy reasons, the police keep the identity of the boy and his parents secretly. The hospital would not divulge. Director Höppener only said that the parents are a young couple from Dordrecht. The kidnapped baby is the couple's first child. The mother is still in hospital, after last Friday has had a caesarean.

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According Höppener there is standard security when Merwedeziekenhuis. There's staff around and there is also a night porter. "But a hospital is not a prison", says the director at the Free People.

If there are more mothers in one room, the babies are temporarily collected in a separate booth space. According to the director's abduction was a precise job, because even walking around at night staff on the ward.


According to residents of the hospital, the police are still looking for the baby. It is left nothing to chance. There running agents on the roof. Even garbage from the hospital were searched.

There is a team of more than 20 put detectives on the case. There is regional support for the Dordrecht police. The staff is interrogated by police.

There were indications that there is a real abduction ', but what those indications, that does not mean the police.

Hoe ging het verder?

Baby René is despite his young age of instant fame. For days the news is dominated by the disappearance of the boy.

A few days later the police get a note. it is 7.500 golden ransom demanded. It is also suggested that the kidnapper(s) are dangers via the spring Vlissingen- Breskens. But it turns out to be a astray.

A doctor takes a few days later contact the police. He has a strong suspicion that a woman who has long been a baby, all is not the biological mother. He thinks that the woman was never pregnant. The woman with no known gynecologist.

The woman's 21-year-old Catherine C., a psychiatric patient being treated in hospital. She can not have children, but her desire to have children is so great, she fills her clothes for months, making it appear that she is pregnant.

More than two weeks after the disappearance, the police raided the woman's house Torenstraat. René is sleeping in a bed. The woman is arrested.

The woman was sentenced to TBS with compulsory treatment. She is no longer fixed now.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 01 oktober 2017

story number: 32