ROTTERDAM - What should have been a special evening, with many emotions, ended up being a bit of a disappointment. The benefit match between the Colorful Team and Orange, where the money goes to the relatives of the SLM Disaster, was played in a stadium hardly was filled. Eight thousand people in De Kuip saw the Colorful Team win with 2-1.

And with that, the proceeds of the benefit match were also much lower than initially hoped. A full Kuip had yielded millions of guilders for the Zanderij Flying Disaster Fund Foundation. But now the next of kin can count on such a thing 400.000 gulden. Nothing is yet known about the distribution key for the money.

Last summer collapsed in Zanderij (Suriname) a gear down from SLM. Added to that 175 mensen om het leven. Among the victims was also part of the selection of the Colorful Team, a group of soccer players with a Surinamese background. They would play some matches in Suriname.

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In the weeks after the plane crash, the initiative was taken to play a benefit match. But leading up to the game from tonight, so many wrong decisions have been made, that a virtually empty stadium the result was.

One of the main reasons was its location. While the largest Surinamese community in our country lives in Amsterdam, was elected to play the game in Rotterdam. The stadium was offered for free. Only the costs for the personnel had to be paid.

But that was not the only reason, left treasurer Essed about the fund.

“It shouldn't be a Surinamese get-together, but also a Dutch affair and that is also a reason not to choose the city with the largest number of Surinamese residents. ”

(A.M. Essed in NRC Handelsblad, 21-09-1989)

But the non-Surinamese were not enthusiastic about the game. They made up about a quarter of the visitors to the stadium.

In addition, the price tags for the competition were free pricey. The cheapest seats cost forty guilders. Those prices were established months ago.

Essed admits that he had initially counted on about 35.000 visitors. That there are now so many fewer, has according to the treasurer has to deal with the fact that it is already two and a half months after the air disaster. As a result, interest has faded somewhat.

In recent days, another major advertising campaign was put on legs set, to stimulate ticket sales.

The low public interest did not come as one surprise. The organization ultimately chose to ask the NOS for broadcast the match live on television. Normally this is done alone when the match is sold out. At the same time, viewers were asked to to transfer ten guilders to Giro as a kind of "viewing fee" 939 of the Foundation Zanderij Aviation Disaster Fund.

No party outside the stadium

Even outside the stadium it was not the party you around a Surinamese match. There would be all kinds of stalls standing at the stadium with food, but the tradesmen failed. Conversations about a guarantee that they - even with little interest - are not would be left with food, came to nothing. Then they stayed away.

One of the visitors tells the Free People that it too early start time of half past eight. “Surinamese have a tradition of being late come ”, a man says to Het Vrije Volk.

Still successful

Still the protagonists spoke of a "successful evening". Certainly from a sporty point of view. The Dutch took the lead in the first half after a dry run slider by Ronald Koeman. Right after the break, Hennie Meijer made the equalizer. Later Frank Rijkaard took care of the winning goal.

The atmosphere in the stadium was, despite the many empty seats, still quite nice. Music groups and cheerleaders made sure that there still is there was some fun.

The competition had all the ingredients of a benefit match: hardly any violations and every now and then the box of tricks opened completely. National coach Thijs Libregts and temporary Colorful Team trainer Kees Rijvers determined that it was an entertaining game.

Crown Prince Willem was also among the spectators Alexander, Minister Kok of Finance and the injured top players Ruud Gullit and Marco van Basten. Also noteworthy was the presence of Edu Nandlal and Radjin de Haan. Nandlal is in a wheelchair after a partial spinal cord injury.

But despite all the good intentions, the empty seats remained an unpleasant sight for such a well-intentioned event. But an agent for the stadium was still quite dry. He made the comment to Het Vrije Volk that "it is just as busy at Feyenoord matches". In recent weeks, hardly more than have been added to the stadium club 10.000 spectators.

Colorful Team – Dutch soccerteam 2-1 (0-1)

23. Ronald Koeman 0-1, 46. Meijer 1-1, 68. moneybags 2-1. Referee: Van Langenhove (Bel). spectators: 8.000.

Colorful Team: Menzo; De Jong, Fraser (68. Right to hate), Vink en nortan; Winter, moneybags (87. Liesdek) and Vanenburg; Blackson (46. Monkou), Meijer and Roy (77. indicator).

Dutch soccerteam: Van Breukelen (46. all); Van Tiggelen, Ronald Koeman (46. Rutten) and Rutjes (46. Verkuyl); Van Aerle, Wouters, Been (57. Van Loen) and Krüzen (46. Huistra); From 't Schip, Kieft (46. Bosman) and Rob Witschge (74. Vurens).


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 19-09-1989

story number: 128

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