ROTTERDAM – The long career of boxer Bep van Klaveren (48) is there anyway. But the farewell was something of an anti-climax, because in his last game against the German Handke, Van Klaveren had to give up with an eye wound.

The Ahoy’s hall was well-stocked for the Olympic champion of 1928 one more time to see in action.

“It was not a sparkling fight. The atmosphere was not like that either. There was a bit of melancholy about Bep's last game in the Ahoy hall ”

(Het Vrije Volk, 20-03-1956)

In the fourth round, Van Klaveren got a headbutt, which was clearly visible according to the newspaper, but was not seen by the referee. Not long afterwards, Van Klaveren had to give up.

After the break Van Klaveren was honored.

The Olympic Champion of 1928 had postponed his farewell several times. That left the president of the boxing union, Van der Braak, also hinted in his farewell speech.

“But I have one request for you. Don't come to us for another match. We should deny it to you. We want to keep an honorable memory of the greatest boxer the Netherlands has ever known: Bep van Klaveren ”

(chairman Van der Braak, boxing union, Het Vrije Volk, 20-03-1956)

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All the gifts and beautiful words touched the coarse Rotterdammer, that he became very emotional. Tears ran down his cheeks, if we are to believe the newspapers. Theo Huizenaar, who accompanied Van Klaveren for many years, had to do the talking in the end.

“We often fought Bep. We have overcome so many difficulties in our life, that I could never have dreamed that this would be so difficult for me. Here is a man in front of you, who gave his life to boxing. He could only box, he didn't have time to be human. ”

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