ROTTERDAM - For the first time in the fledgling Dutch football history have the best players in the Dutch league played together in one team. The union team lost the friendly match against English Felixstowe (Hull) met 1-0.

The afternoon game was on a site on the Left Rottekade. English opponent was in Rotterdam for two friendlies. Yesterday they played with 1-1 flush against Sparta (although there even though some non-Spartans participated, to prevent a major beating) and this afternoon was played on a league team.

The phenomenon of a bond team needs to be further elaborated. In matches of the England national team players all wearing the same shirt, but this afternoon was in Rotterdam with the Dutch team with players quite different. All players have their own club uniform had to, thus made a somewhat messy impression.

Great result

Dutch teams are not known for their good results against English teams. Last year Sparta still lost 8-0 Harwich & Parkeston FC.

For that reason, the 1-1 Sparta, yesterday, and the 1-0 loss of the Bond national team an acceptable result. Especially because of the union team players were not used to working together.

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The Federal National Team created the necessary opportunities to Felixstowe. Puck Meijer was quiet even the nearest, but time and again encountered the Dutch to the English goalkeeper.

The goal came at the other end. Captain Howard made the opening goal; 0-1.

Even after peace, when the Federal National Team against the wind played football, The equalizer was a time in the air. Sparta winger Freek Kampschreur and Hubert Menten HFC almost scored, but were not sharp enough in finishing.

In the competition were about five hundred spectators present. The admission of 25 cent. Members of the NVB (Dutch Football) paid 15 cent. The proceeds were divided between Sparta and NVB.

Bondselftal – Felixtowe 0-1

Bond Squad setup: Tromp (HFC), Battles (RAP), Ples (HFC); v.d. Bosch (HVV), Menten (HFC), Schröder (RAP); Kampschuur (Sparta), can (Victoria-Rotterdam), Timmermans (Sparta), Weinthal (Sparta), Meyer (HFC)

Referee: Wijnands

Hoe ging het verder?

The union team plays twelve matches, until in 1905 The first official match of Orange held. Until that game plays league team ever against foreign teams, mostly English teams.

A few months after the match in Rotterdam, following the first win. English Maidstone FC is with 4-3 defeated, thanks to two goals from Pim Mullier.

The greatest victory is 18 november 1895 as Saxmundham FC 9-2 is sent home.

And if you wonder who is still the man with the bowler hat in the picture. That referee Wijnands.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 06-02-2018

story number: 18

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