ROTTERDAM - The final of the international tennis tournament in Ahoy's afternoon ended unexpectedly early. The "dream final" between Ivan Lendl and Jimmy Connors was stopped after a bomb threat. It is the first time in the tennis world that a final of an international tennis tournament by a bomb threat is not completed.

Just after 13:00 hour came an anonymous call in at Ahoy. In English it was reported that there would be a bomb at the tennis court. That would be around 14:00 hours explode. The informant was a member of the Anti-Capitalist Movement'.

The police took the message seriously. After consultation between the police, mayor Pepper, the management of Ahoy and the tournament organization decided to evacuate Ahoy. These consultations proceeded quite rapidly, because everyone involved as spectators were present.

The sound was announced that a bomb was in the complex and that everyone had to go outside. Seven minutes later, all seven visitors were outside. "The only positive point of this afternoon", canned Ahoy director Hoekwater back to the eviction in Het Vrije Volk.

Three minutes later the police had the entire complex searched and allowed everyone back inside.

Visitors leave Ahoy’ after bomb threat. Foto: Rob Croes, Anal Archives Nationales / Anefo


At that time, the two protagonists of the afternoon, Connor and Lendl already left. The two had gone to the Hilton hotel, reportedly in their tennis outfit.

Both men indicated that they were not going to race out to play. The Czech Lendl must tomorrow morning 09:00 his hours in New York, he informed.

Additionally Lendl also had a similar situation with a bomb experienced at a tournament in Sydney. As was to be the hotel cleared, where he stayed. Later there was a man caught something which Lendl would want to harm.

Ivan Lendl in the final of the ABN Tennis in Ahoy’ Rotterdam. Foto: Rob Croes, National Archives / Anefo

Ook Connors (with 6-0 en 1-0 stood behind) had little pull in to the game later in the day to play, because he also Private plane had ready.

"I have been in close contact by telephone about two hours with both players', let debuting tournament director Wim Buitendijk know De Telegraaf.

"In addition, I got the impression, which Connors still was willing to play. Lendl, however, had to tackle terror significantly. "

Tournament director Wim Buitendijk, Telegraph 19-03-1984

An attempt by the President of the Tennis Council to the two men over to get to the game of play did not.

There is even considered the two players who half finals lost (Edberg an Jarryd) to the final play, but also they were no longer in Netherlands.

Later moment

The people who 35 guilders paid for a ticket The final day to get their money back. The people Lendl and Connors were promised, eventually only got the doubles final presented.

Or the final at a later time will still be played is highly uncertain. With Buitendijk examines whether the final week before or after Wimbledon to keep, since then both players already in the region.

Another possibility is that both players the prize money for first and second place (75.000 dollar) divide.

"At the next meeting of tournament directors we have this out further discuss how this should be", Buitendijk told NRC Handelsblad. "The Connors and Lendl not about the money, of course,. But they get to this tournament no points for their ranking in the world. "


The man who made the bomb threat at Ahoy management ' has later called again. In both cases, the call is recorded, let the police. A spokesman also says she never for today had heard of the Anti-Capitalist Movement '.

Ahoy director Hoekwater afternoon told Het Vrije Volk that in the past dozens of bomb threats were received, but it never led to an evacuation. "This time we wanted to take no chances", says Hoekwater.

"But what can you do other against such states? Surely you can not 7000 people go search?”

Ahoy director Hoekwater, Het Vrije Volk, 19-03-1984

Again fuss in Rotterdam

This is the tournament of Rotterdam or the second year in a row to get the wrong reasons by headlines. last year was Guillermo Vilas caught the tournament for hiring 60.000 dollar ‘appearence money’ (entry fee).

Vilas was suspended for a year. That sentence was the beginning of the year converted to a fine. Paying entry fee is prohibited in tennis world.

The following is therefore a tennis final without winner. And it is still questionable whether the tournament and accompanying cup ever going to be awarded.

Hoe ging het verder?

The final was never played. Sterker nog, the cup which is associated with the final of 1984 would still be somewhere on a desk, was one of the staff Ahoy know a few years ago. Whether that is so, is niet duidelijk.

Lendl and Connors had not a penny of 75.000 dollar prize for the finals (50.000 for the winner and 25.000 the loser). They get it all the 25.000 dollars for reaching the semi-finals.

The option had to get the money back on the final day of the two people using. Then six months later, it became clear that the final would never had more people with a ticket voucher 15 offered guilders. How many of them have used is unclear

It is after 1984 only once happened that an international tennis tournament had no winner. That was in 1987 the tournament Stratton Mountain. Lendl was there involved. The final against John McEnroe started well and took the third set, but was then finally canceled because of the rain.

The final was played when Ahoy Ahoy’ are written with an apostrophe.

The Anti-Capitalist Movement was never heard from again. Insofar as is known there for the false report no one arrested.


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published: 16-03-2019

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