News 20 april

Confrontation between demonstrating IWT operators and mobile unit in Gorinchem (1988), appointed first female lawyer in the Netherlands (1903) and City of Rotterdam for millions ripped round venue Waterfront (2016

News 19 april

First flashing traffic light in the Netherlands placed in Rijswijk (1950)

News 18 april

Mass protest against ban on offshore stations (1973) en 1,2 million signatures collected against the neutron bomb (1978)

News 17 april

Rotterdam Marathon world record again (1988) and Heavy rioting Feyenoord - Ajax (2005)

News 16 april

Sting gives rousing opening Hague Statenhal (1988)

News 15 april

No life sentence for murderer of Pim Fortuyn (2003), Jong Feyenoord players attacked at away match in Amsterdam (2004) and Marathon shortened due to the heat (2007)

News 14 april

Lidwina of Schiedam deceased (1433) in Lucia B. acquitted (2010)

News 12 april

Mass redundancies at shipyard Van der Giessen de Noord (1985) and Kurdish Parliament in exile established in The Hague (1995)

News 11 april

Room debating controversial Rotterdam police Kalma (1979), SS sat for years in hiding Hague district (1974) and Lee Towers impresses during first television appearance (1975)