News 21 augustus

For many dates are already beautiful and unique stories and events found. Voor 21 August not yet the case.

News 20 augustus

De Witt brothers lynched in The Hague (1672), Rotterdam butter gives people red itchy blisters (1960) Hague and textile giant called on an acquisition on the mat (1970)

News 19 augustus

Hague artleet Troy Douglas suspended after discovery nandrolone (1999)

News 18 augustus

Controversial integration expert dismissed by the municipality of Rotterdam (2009)

News 17 augustus

Prince plays sold-Cockpit (1988), List Pim Fortuyn raised (2007) and Rotterdam giant rubber duck punctured in Belgium (2009)

News 16 augustus

Brinkman resigns as chairman CDA (1994), Fireworks accident during boat show in Rotterdam; 5 doden (1945) and European Championship in Scheveningen Yoyo'en (1998)

News 15 augustus

Circus Theater in Scheveningen reopened with US blockbuster (1993), Prime Minister Lubbers pelted with eggs during commemoration (1991) Former footballer and Faas Wilkes deceased (2006)

News 14 augustus

Demonstration ban after riots Hague Schilderswijk (2014)

News 13 augustus

Royal family moved to The Hague (1981), Plan all football pass on first day fiasco (1989) and Popular TV psychologist Diekstra accused of plagiarism (1996)

News 12 augustus

Sometimes things are very hard to find. Historical stories on 12 August Play example.