News 21 december

There is still looking hard at the historic event 21 december. Which will be perfectly well, but has not yet found.

News 20 december

Met vandaag onder meer: Ooievaarsdorp robbed 80 birds (1991)

News 19 december

Not all historical events in our region have been mapped. from 19 December lacks example.

News 18 december

K and W 'completely burnt in The Hague (1964), Rotterdam port largest in the world (1962) and acquitted Rotteramse terror suspects (2002)

News 17 december

REM island evacuated by police (1964), End hunger strike in Hague Agneskerk (1998) and Death Kick Sparta's lead to lawsuit (2004)

News 16 december

There must be a special event in England on 16 been December, but is temporarily not found yet.

News 15 december

Rotterdam PVV party leader within a day back, After right-wing bands (2017)

News 14 december

Alblasserwaard startled after murder of cattle feed trader (1965), Nurse arrested for death of several children (2001)

News 13 december

Former Mayor Pepper no longer persecuted for vouchers little (2000), Seven killed in explosion largest ever in Rotterdam Harbor (1991)

News 12 december

Moerdijkbrug also for cars passable (1936) Protesters and plants bunch coming from landfill (1992)