News 11 januari

Dutch dart euphoria after winning Raymond "Barney" van Barneveld at Embassy (1998) and Ivo Opstelten is new mayor of Rotterdam (1999)

News 10 januari

Two girls come in Gorinchem in shelling of a nightclub (1999) Actors and want more pay and delivers Theater Verkade (Den Haag) a special performance on (1920)

News 8 januari

Slow train from Rotterdam clashes in Harmelen on another local train (1962), controversial childcare Honki Ponk closes (2001) and a thick layer of oil on the beach of Goeree-Overflakkee (1988).

News 9 januari

Vlaardingen boy killed by senseless violence in Vlaardingen (2000) and Bert Vlaardingerbroek (Den Haag) first Dutch at the World Championship Darts; The Embassy (1988)

News 7 januari

Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard married at St. James in The Hague (1937), The Hague gets a Catholic mayor (1957) and Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam impresses with 'you still rot Heads-note (2015).

News 6 januari

Rotterdam collision between two ships on the Red Sea (1953) and the dilapidated house 'Geitemie' the Strait is aborted (1934).

News 5 januari

Black smoke rises over Dordrecht and Hoekschewaard after fire at Chemie Pack (2011), Omtreden concillie about celibacy launched in Noordwijkerhout (1970) and Helletocht in Maasland; Hulzebosch win NK on natural (1993).

News 4 januari

Feyenoord icon Coen Moulijn dies (2011), Riots in Maluku district Capelle (1984) and thousands Moluccan goodbye to Old RMS president Manusama (1996).

News 2 januari

Methyl bromide in drinking water Westland (1981) Minister Zalm and spends first Euro in a shop on the Grote Markt in The Hague (2002).

News 3 januari

Ship of the Holland America Line sinks off the Canadian coast (1968)