News 11 juli

Queen Beatrix closes Maasvlakte (2012)

News 10 juli

William of Orange murdered in Delft (1584), North Sea Jazz Hague says goodbye (2005) and Liveable Rotterdam bombing plans for new Feyenoord stadium (2013)

News 9 juli

Seventeen Gorcumse priests slain in Brielle (1572) and Scheveningen counterpart of Eurovision huge flop (1969)

News 8 juli

Johan de Witt talks with British: Never governor (1654), Bishop Simonis is Cardinal Simonis (1983) and Great part Koenigs Collection Boijmans again (2004)

News 7 juli

Mega transportation of oil rig 110 meter high over New Waterway (1976), Finally agreed in Rotterdam harbor after six months of operations (1987) and Richard Krajicek won Wimbledon Tennis Championships (1996)

News 6 juli

The extraordinary history story 6 July not found, even though there is a long sought.

News 5 juli

Water colors red days after Battle of Zwartewaal (1351), Women for the first time to the polls (1922) and Breakthrough cyclist Michael Boogert with Tour stage win (1996)

News 4 juli

Dutch temporary end to civil war with the Treaty of Delft ' (1428), Rotterdam businessman sells million stake in Center Parcs (1989) and put Mladic from courtroom during the first hearing day on Srebrenica (2011)

News 3 juli

Rotterdam conspirator Claes Bontenbal beheaded (1623), Strijense is the first woman in the House (1918) Cancellara in yellow after Tour start in Rotterdam (2010)

News 2 juli

'Mayor' Beatrix opens Madurodam (1952), Crown Prince graduated in Leiden (1993) and Final Euro2000 in the Kuip won by France (2000)