News 10 november

Guitar legend Jimi Hendrix performs in Rotterdam (1967) , Send Pirate stranded in Noordwijk (1970) and anti-terror raid in The Hague Laakkwartier (2004)

News 9 november

Hague rioters disfigure Excelsior - ADO; match abandoned (1986)

News 8 november

Maeslantkering closed because of high water (2007) and Feyenoord puts bomb under deal Sport7 (1996)

News 7 november

We are still looking for the historical story 7 november. Now that is not found.

News 6 november

First announced radio broadcast is from The Hague (1919), Major damage after heavy storms in coastal area (1921) and whirlwind havoc in Westland (1970)

News 5 november

Disciplinary Committee KNVB step on to 'Van Hanegem case' (1969) and World stars to Rotterdam for MTV Awards (2016)

News 4 november

Regional leave the car in car-free Sunday (1973), Erasmus Bridge closed due to vibrations (1996) and Counterparty (Van Kooten and De Bie) present political program Rugop'81 (1980)

News 2 november

Searching still hard to historic story 2 november.

News 1 november

Tens of thousands dead on All Saints Flood in Holland and Belgium (1570) and Frans Bauer enters 10 times in sold out Ahoy (2003)