News 10 september

First ship arrives via North Pole route in Rotterdam (2016) and Architecture Institute opened in Rotterdam (1993)

News 9 september

Feyenoord win after European Cup also World (1970) or see Dutch T-Rex to the public in Leiden (2016)

News 8 september

Feyenoord wins over Real Madrid after battle (1965), Comedian Wim Kan deceased (1985) Controversial and open city hall The Hague (1995)

News 7 september

This date is the historical event have not found, but it can not be found long before voordat'ie.

News 6 september

Deferral for Hague radiator factory From Heijst (1967), Zuidplein mall opens (1972) Fuss and to Hitler image in Boijmans van Beuningen (2002)

News 5 september

Thousand drummers on the Maasvlakte near record (1992)

News 4 september

Erasmus Bridge opened by Queen Beatrix (1996)

News 3 september

Capelse boy convicted of murder Facebook (2012)

News 2 september

Baptism Prince Willem Alexander in St. James' Church in The Hague (1967) and Netherlands introduced to Oh Oh Cherso (2010)

News 1 september

Pavarotti fills one concert Ahoy and PSV Stadium (1991) Large and merger Algemeen Dagblad and regional newspapers (2005)