Suddenly leaving Rotterdam Bishop Bär

Rotterdam Bishop Bär has resigned. A month ago he called in sick. A spokesman for the Vatican in Netherlands, Pope John Paul granted dismissal.

Marines in action against junkies Perron Nul

ROTTERDAM - A group of about 200 Marines attempted to dislodge the drug at Rotterdam Centraal. That attempt failed, because the police were standing up to the marines ....

Six killed in explosion at DSM in the Botlek

ROTTERDAM - have at least six people were killed In an explosion at DSM in Rotterdam Botlek. One of the four injured are in bad shape. De explosie aan de Montrealweg is al het...

Seventeen killed in 'worst storm in decades’

ROTTERDAM - The severe storm (wind 11) today struck our country are certainly seventeen people died. According to the KNMI in De Bilt involves one of the worst storms of the ...

Introducing football pass big failure

To tackle rioters enter the KNVB in the football pass. But in the first round of play, the plan appears to completely fail. Many supporters of Feyenoord and Ajax still get the stadiums of FC Utrecht and FC Den Haag in, without a special pass