DORDRECHT - A special appearance today. Johan Cruijff, some say the best footballer in the world, in the witness stand of the court in Dordrecht. He was one of the protagonists in the fraud case where John U. in trial.

Cruyff would have received a sum of around fifty thousand guilders for the three matches he played for DS'79 two years ago.. There may have been black money. The amount came from main sponsor Frisol, suspected of millions of fraud.


Cruijff arrived at the temporary court building on Papeterspad in Dordrecht with his father-in-law Cor Coster. He was let in through the side entrance for convenience. He looked calm.

Yet during the trial it turned out that it was a unusual situation. In case law, where no special rules apply world famous soccer players, a special conversation arose between the judge.

Judge Frijda: “Your name is Cruijff? And your initial?”

Cruyff: “Johan”

Frijda: "Profession?”

Cruyff: "Soccer player."

Frijda: “Resident?”

Cruyff: "Currently in Vinkeveen"

(The voice, 01-03-1983)

Cruyff had been summoned by the defense to be a witness appear in the Dordrecht court. From the statement of the top football player had to prove that suspect John U. Cruyff had not paid. The judge explained Cruijff explains that he "could safely keep quiet, as he with his testimony himself would tax ".


Cruijff answered all questions, even if he doesn't had. He also did not remember exactly how much money he had received for the three duels with the Sheepheads. It was an amount of twice ten thousand guilders or once ten thousand and once five thousand.

Cruyff further stated that he never made personal money received from Nico de Vries, then chairman of DS'79 and one of the suspects in the case. De Vries passed away earlier this month. Who the money then has given, he could say.

John U. maintains that De Vries does indeed have the money handed over to Cruijff and that the amount is also a lot higher than the 15.000 tot 20.000 gulden.

According to Cruijff, the money had been handed over in the United States States, so that he did not have to report it to the Dutch tax authorities.

Other witnesses

Cruyff was not the only athlete to appear in court as a witness. Former DS'79 coach Jan Rab stated that he certainly was around his departure from the club 45.000 guilders. There was nothing in black and white about that, except the promise that he had to sign a statement promising that he would no longer claim certain rights.

It was also clear that Frisol, that also in cycling was active, one million guilders had been transferred to the Stichting Ronde van The Netherlands. The oil company had also paid almost two tons to the cycling branch top cyclist Joop Zoetemelk.

Millions of fraud

Oil company Frisol would have been in recent years for decades millions of guilders have defrauded the tax authorities.

According to the public prosecutor, the company has the past years for more than 30 million guilders in a mysterious way disappeared. In addition to Nico de Vries, accountant John U. therefor held accountable.

John U. would have traded with foreign currency. There would also be being tampered with oil products. Petroleum would be mixed with premium gasoline, only to be sold as super (the so-called Middeldorp trick). Frisol delivered that 12.000 guilders per tanker. It is not clear where that money has gone.

Volgens Frisol-director Van der Marel zou John U. in a letter to De Vries about the fraud communicated. Whether this letter will be included in the burden of proof is not yet clear clearly. Tomorrow the case will continue, but without Cruijff.

Hoe ging het verder?

For Cruijff it was completely finished after this day. He had nothing to pay for the three games with DS'79.

For John U. it turned out a lot less. He had to be four years in jail for the millions of fraud.

It has never become clear who ultimately handed over the amount of money to Cruijff.


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published: 29-08-2019

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