You have activists, revolutionaries, provocative and people simply sleepers. Also, South Holland has known many rebellious people in past centuries. And which are central to the History Month 2018.

Whether it be the iconoclasm of the opposition; any form of resistance or rebellion has its own story. And those stories in October 2018 all featured.

As always trying Day of when historical stories of when to "stabbing makeover 'in a. same story, but if they happened today. The stories are based on books, newspapers and research. The facts are as, the look of now.

thirty stories are featured this year for Black History Month:

Women walking in the silent rally’ on the Binnenhof in The Hague. Foto: Hague Municipal, author unknown

Huge amount of garbage on the West Seawall in Rotterdam. Foto: Rob Bogaerts, National Archives / Anefo

The articles are written by Drs. A.P.B. van Meeteren, Allard Schellens and Day When initiator Dave Datema

The articles come 1 October in stand

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