Gouda is famous worldwide for stroopwafels and cheese, but the city was the largest exporter of beer in Western Europe for hundreds of years. “Then it really concerns gigantic quantities”, says Remco van Gastel, auteur van het boek Stad van Bier.

In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries the annual production amounted to 50 million liters. “And that became, crazy enough, mainly transported to Flanders, an area that we now know because of the beer.”

But how and why did beer production become so big in Gouda? Van Gastel explains in an extensive conversation with Dagvantoen.

The book City of Beer is available at the Goudashop.

In the section 'Uyt den Oude Dhoos' we look back this week on a remarkable gift in Leiden in 1950.

This is the last episode of the Dagvantoen podcast for this year. A kind of winter break is starting. We'll be back with new episodes in mid-January. Do you want to listen back to other episodes, then you can do that here: 

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