ROTTERDAM - the Internet is a market that sometimes growing faster than can be tracked, show this week in Rotterdam. Where last week were two large Internet cafes with more than 400 computers, They are now both closed. A third bar will close later this week.

The only internet computers that still stand on his jobs in the library Binnenrotte. And that's not really a place you 'hip' and 'cool’ are as a young person. Time2Surf of KPN had to be closed by the judge, because there would be bread robbery. The other thing, Easy Everything caused much inconvenience, the municipality closed the case.

Upcoming market

Easy Everything is an international chain of Internet cafes in cities such as London, Edinburgh and Amsterdam. There are also plans for offices in Barcelona, Antwerp, Brussels, Berlin and many other major cities. The branch in Amsterdam with 500 displays the largest internet café in the world. No country more, because there are already signed contracts for an office in New York with a thousand computers.

Greek businessman Stelios Haji-Ioannou, owner of Easy Everything and founder of budget airline EasyJet, targets multiple audiences. Tourists can quickly and inexpensively check their mail. For regular visitors there is the possibility for fl. 2,50 three hours surfing long high speed. The case is 24 hour. A new step towards the 24-hour economy.

There is also the possibility of coffee, ordering drinks or food. An additional fee may be put computer files on a floppy disk or CD-ROM. All conveniences are nearby, zo wordt gezegd.

Competitors on the horizon

But there are other parties who saw money in the booming cyber market. Shortly after the announcement of the opening of the internet at the Town Hall, KPN came up with the plan to open an Internet cafe called Time2Surf, two doors come away with such 70 computers. The case opens a few days before Easy Everything open.

Bread Roof is the judgment of Easy Everything, it goes to court. Who argued Easy Everything in favor and Time2Surf closed since today. But they are not the only ones to close the doors.

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The victim of its own success

Since opening, op 9 juni, run the storm at Easy Everything, The new cyber mecca of Rotterdam. hundreds of customers, sometimes more than a thousand per day, turn to the striking orange case, for fast Internet. This also brings problems with it.

Groups Antilleans and Moroccans regularly go together to blows. There is rolled glass and there are even stabbings.

The monitoring must intervene several times and keeps young people previously gone beyond the pale. Yet this does not prevent the situation twice so out of hand that the whole internet to be evacuated.

Not surprising

The town sits with hands in hair. There would be no one had foreseen so many problems in the first month.

The manager of a third internet cafe Rotterdam Virgin Megastores, is not at all surprised by the nuisance, he says in the Volkskrant.

He describes the Internet for some groups is an ideal place to see everything and say 'what is forbidden at home'. And because everyone is on the same chat site, it runs quickly out of control and quickly creates arguments and fights.

In addition, the internet is in the wrong place, says manager.

“Stadhuisplein Leidseplein Rotterdam. Here people come for a beer and a date and not the 'hip people of the 24-hour economy”

(manager HOBI-enterprise)

The manager grumbles about the group of young people, which also caused problems with him. But by acting loud and clear (and throw them out regularly) remained manageable. However, even this Internet cafe, in Virgin Megastore, This week, the doors close. The chain is sold to Free Record Shop and therefore closes.


Now Easy Everything for the second time in a short time is cleared, engages in the municipality. The case may not open. The disruption of public order is the main reason, but according to the municipality, there are also problems with the catering license. That is because not, while there must be.

According to the management of Easy Everything there was never anything said about it during the talks with the municipality. On the day of the opening authorization was still pending. A few days before the closure was decided to discontinue the catering trade. Therefore there is no question of a violation, says the internet.

Easy Everything has filed a lawsuit to undo the clasp.

Hoe ging het verder?

The closure of EasyEveryhting does not last long. If the court ten days later decide that the case is closed improperly, The internet may reopen.

The fights were enough reasons to close the case, find the right. But the story of the liquor license rattles, says the president of the court in early August.

The court East Everything sets the same in the fact that no permit was needed. In addition, the APV was (General Local Regulation; a list of rules you must meet, which is different in each municipality) very unclear.

Owner Stelios Haji-Ioannou said on the day of the verdict that he would file a claim of half a million guilders. Whether that claim really is filed and / or paid is unclear.

How it went with the rest around Easy Everything is not clear. After re-opening, there was no catering in any event present.


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Text: Dave Datema coop Anke Hoets

published: 01-10-2017

story number: 77

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