DORDRECHT - Dordrecht The Museum has become a victim of art theft. Thieves ran away with two panels and five canvases. According to experts, the security of the musem 'a blatant invitation for a spectacular burglary', writes the Telegraph. The paintings are worth 155.000 gulden.

To save money, the museum had not installed any alarm system. Not a single alarm went off in the caretaker's house either, when the thieves were busy in the adjacent museum.

According to police, the thieves have the museum all the time had to make a killing. An exterior of the museum is a simple way made open with a jemmy. Then the thieves were in the whole museum come. A spokesman speaks of a 'professional squatters'.

In one of the rooms were the lists of paintings lined up against the wall.

The stolen works:

  • View Woudrichem (Albert Cuyp)
  • Mountain landscape with cowherds (Albert Cuyp)
  • Landscape by Moonlight (Standaert van der Neer)
  • Adoration of Shepherds (panel, Benjamin Cuyp)
  • Smokers in interior (panel, Olis Jan)
  • kitchen Interior (Reynier Covijn)
  • Meisjesportret (Arnoud Houbraken)
Adoration of Shepherds – Panel, Benjamin Cuyp

Only the works of Van der Neer, Benjamin Cuyp and Covijn owned by the Dordrecht Museum. The other pieces were on loan.

Domela director of the Dordrecht Museum had to Telegraph know that "the thieves have no understanding of ancient meesers must have had'. On the other hand, he marveled at the fact that artwork of Jan van Goyven, with a value of 200.000 gulden, have let to hang.


It is not the first break in the recent art world time. A few days ago a cloth from the Stedelijk Museum in Alkmaar Stolen van Ruysdael. Ok shows that antique silver- and pottery road. These works have a value together 200.000 gulden.

Like hardly any in Dordrecht was in Alkmaar security. Many museums cutting back on security, because the artworks are hard to sell.

Experts speaking in De Telegraaf their fear that there is an art thieves operating in Netherlands, België, France and Italy. They would have provided mainly museums with poor security, such as in Dordrecht.

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The Museum has since boosted security. That it immediately impacted. An unknown man has an unusual time phoned the museum and after a brief chat hung up again. Director Domela late Het Vrije Volk know that it is possible again paintings thief was, which asked whether the surveillance was improved.

The government now is the security of museums to investigate. Probably it means that several museums no longer eligible to borrow art for exhibitions.

Hoe ging het verder:

Police had no trace direction art thieves, but still be picked up within a few weeks, two men. They confess that they seven works have been stolen.

It involves two Rotterdam: The 33-year-old J.W.B. and the 23-year A.M.. All the stolen works of art are also found in a few weeks.

The oldest suspect is blown at a traffic in Rotterdam. He kept two paintings in the trunk. He was not involved in burglary, but only a mediator.

The cracking was carried out by two men. The other thief, if known, never arrested.

It was not given the last time the Dordrecht Museum visit from someone who did not have the best art. In 1989 damaged a confused man more artworks. The damage ran into the millions when.

Curators Jos Deuss (l) by Leo Marchand (r) for two of the affected paintings. Foto: ad Molendijk, Regional Archives Dordrecht

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