DORDRECHT - pull Thick clouds of smoke over part of the region after the fire raging since this afternoon at the company Chemie Pack in Moerdijk.

people should stay indoors in parts of the Hoekschewaard and the Island of Dordrecht, and close windows and doors. In places like Willemsdorp (southern tip of the Island of Dordrecht), Strijen, Mookhoek, Strijensas and Moerdijk was to hear the air raid.

the A16, A17 and N3 are closed off in a southerly direction. As a result, the emergency services have all the room. Earlier, there were viewers long traffic jams on the motorways around Moerdijk.

In the field of Chemiepack the Vlasweg are stored chemicals. There are in our region no dangerous levels of chemicals measured in air, let the safety South Holland South know. Around Chemiepack itself would be the case.

Meanwhile, the fire department is trying to fight the fire with foam, in place of water. This can cause the lower smoke will hang, log fire. People in Moerdijk and southern South Holland South have previously warned.

Thick clouds of smoke

The fire at the company came just before half three this afternoon. The cause is still unknown. When the first fire trucks arrived on site there was a thick cloud of smoke visible over the business.

Around half past four the first thick clouds passed over Dordrecht. According to the KNMI will drive the cloud in the direction of Amsterdam and IJmuiden. Puff can be seen on satellite images.

Because of the presence of hazardous substances on the site, the fire brigade deployment was soon scaled. According to the fire department are ten tanks in the field of more than 23-thousand liters. What's inside is not clear.

Even fire engines were deployed from Dordrecht and Rotterdam. Defense and Shell also sent special extinguishing equipment in Moerdijk. A brigade has not Chemiepack.

Eyewitnesses have been hours long flames hundreds of feet high to see. There are explosions on the premises. Once the fire flares up in a while again briefly.


Three adjacent units are cleared. The fire is over 150 man trying to fight the fire. The fire has been beaten to the neighbors of Wärtsilä, which ship parts, makes. That now seems beyond repair.

Also, the adjacent Waste Terminal Moerdijk (ATM) is cleared. A spokesman for the emergency services are in that area too dangerous substances.

Fire smoke rises to the north, the direction of the Island of Dordrecht, and the Hoekschewaard. in Strijen, Strijensas, Mookhoek and the southernmost tip of Dordrecht sirens activated. Also sent an SMS alert.

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The fire made through joint efforts at the highest level. The Ministry of Security has declared the highest alert.

In Rotterdam, the fire is monitored in the World Port Center. There are executives of the police, fire and the environmental DCMR. In Dordrecht are the leaders in the barracks at the Oranjepark.

Hoe ging het verder?

There is a lot went wrong in the fire at Chemie Pack. To an outsider it is incomprehensible how the fire originated.

A frozen was thawed pump with a gas burner, with all kinds of flammable substances near.

The company took it more fast and loose with safety. Therefore Chemiepack management was sued and not the man who caused the fire.

men sentenced on appeal to community service and fined 730.000 euro. The company is already bankrupt.

De schade is enorm. Which is estimated at 71 million euros. These costs are largely on the sign of the taxpayer rightly. Chemiepack itself paid 4,2 million.

Much of the cost is in cleaning up pollution. Since, initially, fire-fighting water is used, came many toxins in surface water.

In the days after the fire came down into the soot Hoekschewaard. Residents were advised to temporarily not to eat vegetables from their own garden.

Hazardous substances were in soot, but those levels were very low, RIVM concluded later.

The cattle Radius 10 kilometers around the fire to stay inside more than a month.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 05-01-2018

story number: 54

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