GORINCHEM - In Gorinchem is an eighteen year old girl killed, after someone fired several times on the door of the nightclub Bacchus to Kerksteeg. Two other girls were injured. A 17-year-old girl from Sleeuwijk is very ill and is fighting for her life.

A few hours later arrested three men in Gorinchem. "That happened at a coffee shop and a house in Gorinchem", says Attorney Kitty Nooy. "Furthermore, we can in the interests of the police investigation say nothing about the three."

put out

The shelling was around half past one in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The three were refused at the door, after a fight earlier that night. Then one of the men shot at least ten times the door. On the other side of the door, the wardrobe, were victims.

"They walked toward the door", tells a boy a few hours after the shooting at Radio Rijnmond. "They were denied. Or they ran away to fetch a gun I do not know, but they come back and start shooting ".

"You hear those shots and suddenly there are a few people on the ground"

(eyewitness, Radio Rijnmond, 11-01-1999)

Inside there was panic and disbelief, tell the young people later that day come and bring flowers in Church Lane. "I thought at first that there was a joke", explains one of the girls from. "I was upstairs and the music stopped. Then someone came up to me and said there was shooting. Then I went straight down. "

Many young people know the victims also. "A friend of mine the least pretty bad in there", vertelt ze. "She is currently in hospital. She got into her shoulder and it all goes well. "

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The first flowers are placed throughout the morning in the small Kerksteeg. There are notes on with cries like 'Gorinchem, This can not and must not be tolerated '.

Young people who have not been sure of Bacchus in the night pass. "I think there needs to be stopped to", says a nineteen year old girl. "Even though I do not know, I am totally agree that this should not be tolerated. "

Another boy adds to this that he had there can be '. "I though it was not, but that could have been. I 'm also have in my head. "

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Tonight at City Hall of Gorinchem a gathering place for people who want to talk about the incident. schools are also tomorrow extensively discussed the events of this weekend. There are also staff available for interviews with students.

Hoe ging het verder?

The shooting ended up costing a second life. A girl 17 Monday dies in hospital from her injuries.

The three men who were arrested are related to each other. These are the brothers and Fuat Zaim from Gorinchem and their 26-year-old brother from Leiderdorp.

The story that eyewitnesses turns knocking reasonable. The three were there earlier that night after arguing from Bacchus put. Then they are going to get a gun and shots are fired.

The three suspects all had criminal records. Two of them were still on probation after an earlier violent crime. The younger brother said he had shot, but he did it to protect his older brother. The two brothers are sentenced to 16 years in prison, but who has now shot always remains unclear.

The brother gets nine months in jail because he had been kicking and hitting against the door of Bacchus (public violence)

Stille tocht

Op 16 januari 1999 held a silent march in Gorinchem for victims. It is the first time that such a trip is held in our region, especially in view of the size. Namely walked 20.000 people with.

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The procession was so long that the last people to leave more of the starting, as the head of the procession returns to the square in Gorinchem.

Many made the difference not silent. Almost exactly a year later in Vlaardingen beaten to death the 17-year-old Daniel Cotthem, unprovoked. Even when a silent march followed again.


Bacchus Nightclub no longer exists. The number of visitors fell after the bombardment soon. therefore the case was a tax on tens of thousands of guilders. Also, a new start under a new name took care not that the case could remain open.

The owner would then have to start a civil case against the shooters, for damages. Whether that has produced something is unclear.


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published: 09-01-2019

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