Dag van Toen has been writing stories about the history of South Holland for more than three years. Sometimes these are unexpected, surprising and remarkable retrospects.

Hereby the choice of the 10 Dag van Toen's favorite look backs on the history of Rotterdam:

10. The Marines and Perron Nul (22 juni 1992)

For years, the junkies of Perron Nul were a true plague around Rotterdam Central. In de zomer van 1992 is the measure full. A group of marines want to chase off the junkies, but the police are aware and are waiting for the marines. It makes no difference to the people of Rotterdam: they love the action of the Marines.

9. Spangenaren block their own neighborhood against drug tourism (28 juli 1995)

What do you do if the drug nuisance in your area continues and nobody seems to be doing anything. Then you take the law into your own hands. In de zomer van 1995 Residents of Spangen block a number of important access roads to their neighborhood, to keep out foreign drug tourists. With a lot of authentic video material.

8. The death of Sedar Soares (01 februari 2003)

A boy from 13 is shot one evening in South Rotterdam, shortly after throwing a snowball at a car. The suspect, Gerald H., is later acquitted on appeal, because witnesses themselves (possibly forcibly from the environment of the suspect) had withdrawn. A story full of helplessness and sorrow.

7. Planta's itchy bumps (22 augustus 1960)

From one day to the next, half of Rotterdam is scratching itself. The cause appears to be a new ingredient in the Planta margarine, made by Unilever. About the search of the GPs and the rapid intervention.

6. Fortune in a burnt-out shack (23 mei 1971)

Maybe not that newsworthy, but very remarkable. After a fire in a house on the Noordsingel, whereby someone was also killed, the emergency services find a fortune in money. The house is indeed a shack, but money is found everywhere in the search. Nobody thought the resident, Called "Spokie" in the neighborhood, was so immensely rich.

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5. Garbage, garbage and more garbage (29 november 1983)

Take action as municipal officials, ends 1983 the garbage not collected. After a few weeks, the garbage is several meters high on the side of the road, in much of the city. At a certain point it gets so bad that the judge has to intervene. Impressive photos in an unrecognizable Rotterdam.

4. Turkish guesthouses stormed in South Rotterdam (10 augustus 1972)

Some called it racist riots, others spoke of an expression of anger towards a failing city government. In de zomer van 1972 boarding houses in South Rotterdam that are packed with Turkish migrant workers are being stormed by enraged Rotterdammers. The city is in turmoil for days.

3. Chaos in Rotterdam at the first international match in De Kuip (02 mei 1937)

The opening of the Kuip was a success, but then the stadium was not at all full. At the first international match in De Kuip, against Belgium, is the other thing. So many visitors go to the stadium that traffic in the entire city is stuck. Rotterdam is the target of ridicule for days, especially from Amsterdam.

2. Spaniards cause massacre in Rotterdam (09 april 1572)

A few days after 'Den Briel', a couple of tired and frustrated Spaniards are standing in front of the city gates of Rotterdam. What the hell could go wrong? A lot, zo blijkt. The Spaniards keep their home in the still small city of Rotterdam.

 1. Rotterdam loses city center in bombing (14 mei 1940)

The most impressive history story from Rotterdam remains the bombing of Rotterdam. The city loses its entire city center in a few hours. Tens of thousands of homes are burned out and hundreds of people are killed.

Day when made a retrospective based on eyewitness accounts from journalists and other available sources.