CORNER OF HOLLAND - When riots after a dance party in Hoek van Holland is a fatality. The victim, a 19-year old man from Rotterdam, was killed by a police bullet. Companies have focused shot, after being cornered by rioters, outside the festival site.

At the party Sunset Grooves was the whole evening grim atmosphere. There were fights and youth groups chanted under more Rotterdam Hooligans'. There were rumors that Ajax fans at land would be. Plainclothes agents recognize some visitors, because she were part of the hard core of Feyenoord.

guns drawn

The situation got out of hand when two plainclothes officers intervened when visitors were hit by a bunch of hooligans. As soon as they tried to communicate with their colleagues, they were recognized. The group immediately focused on the agents, who were forced to draw their weapons. Then the first shots were fired and it would not be the last.

Bron: RTV Rijnmond

The four agents (The two agents had already received assistance in civil) then proceeded towards an emergency exit from the premises.

That the officers were not in safety, because the rioters were in hot pursuit in the dunes. As the officers formed a line and they walk backwards away from the field, with rioters for them. Meanwhile the officers were pelted with numerous bottles.

Multiple agents on the festival grounds, with the backs against each other. Bron: Youtube

After the rioters carried a 'charge', preceded by challenging countdown, shot the police targeted. It later victim was hit. Some rioters saw that the man was wounded and took his body and threw it to the police.

A short time later arrived assistance in the form of police on horseback. They knew dispel the rioters.

"Well sick’

The events of last night and tonight ensure shocked reactions. Council President Paddy Roomer Hoek van Holland says he is sick of good '.

“We worked schompes us two years to get Hoek van Holland on the map and create jobs. And is now reversed at once.”

(Paddy Roomer, district council chairman, RTV Rijnmond, 23-08-2009)


Immediately after the party was immediately pointed to the organization of Sunset Grooves. There were many more visitors than expected (zo’n 30.000), mainly due to the free admission. There was little security.

Security was no different than other years, emphasizes the organization, Tridee.

"The visitation also ensures that you do not feel comfortable and are not welcome. Our approach has always worked, even though it is now hard to explain. Want in hoeverre was dit te voorkomen?”

(organization Sunset Grooves, RTV Rijnmond, 23-08-2009)

There is also reference to the Municipality of Rotterdam and the leadership corps of the police. A promise was made that the riot police would be on standby, because it was known that hooligans would come to the party. ME but there is no end.

Hoe ging het verder?

In the months after the party be sure 40 rioters arrested. penalties are also being distributed to fifteen months in prison. The man which is seen as an instigator of the riots, Asim B. even have a design.

The shooting agents are eventually not be prosecuted. One of the officers did not hit the victim and the other acted in self-defense, the Court ruled. Eventually, some agents have even vindictive.

Agents also wrote a book about the events:

There will also be major investigation into the actions of the police and the municipality around the beach party. The conclusions are hard. the assistance was "uncoordinated and routinely '. The risks were underestimated and agents, which were faced by the superior force management 'in the Let down ".

Police chief Aad Meijboom then announced his resignation. Mayor Aboutaleb had 'major changes in the corps' announced and Meijboom found themselves not the right person to make those changes.

Sunset Grooves never returned. Organisatiebureau Tridee yet filed a claim with the municipality of Rotterdam, but pulled it later in. The agency held shortly thereafter to exist.

Mayor Aboutaleb has beach after the riots security for events in the city tightened. The most famous victim of which was the Fast Forward Dance Parade. Because the organization itself the cost had to cough up for safety, the event was deleted.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 21-08-2019

story number: 123

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