DORDRECHT - Unprecedented was. The small DS'79 to win in an exhibition game of the great Ajax (2-1). And star player went to Dordrecht side with Johan Cruijff. It was just rubbing the eyes for the Dordrecht supporters, but the maestro played really still in the yellow-blue DS'79. And he made all the high expectations that.

The 33-year-old attacker, that of the KNVB this season may not come for a Dutch club, was hired by DS'79 chairman Nico de Vries for a series of exhibition games. After Cruyff last Wednesday already impressed in the away match against Chelsea (4-2 nederlaag), Now if the Dordrecht home crowd marvel at one of Holland's greatest footballers.

Public (4500 man strong) was presented with a peerless Cruyff Show.

"Time seems to stand still for Cruyff. Even when relaxing walks on the field, He continues to exude allure and retains its performance slightly coercive ends. In his role as a guest player ambitious DS'79 against him as 'dear' Ajax (rash 2-1) Cruyff has more than ninety percent of allee attention claimed for itself. "

(Het Vrije Volk, 19-01-1981)

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"Scoring a la Cruyff’

Ajax was certainly not a B team traveled to Dordrecht. Players like Writers, moneybags, Arnesen, Lerby, Ling and Kieft were in the base.

It only halfway 0-0 was actually was a small miracle. Cruyff sprinkled with passjes and dropped several times Harry van der Ham for goalkeeper Writer. But those opportunities were not given to the Dordrecht attacker.

It made DS'79 coach Petrescu was placed in an unusual situation.

"I had the impression that the boys only" a la Cruyff 'would score. The rest I have said: it really need not be necessarily beautiful goals. "

(Coach Mircea Petrescu, Het Vrije Volk, 19-01-1981)

Eventually fifteen minutes before was the first hit by Hakim Braham. A few minutes later, Wim Kieft scored the equalizer. Hiring Power Rob Rensenbrink scored a few minutes before the end the winning goal.

When Cruyff again DS'79 into action is not yet known. Possibly Anderlecht's opponent.

Front page of the soccer magazine Voetbal Revue from 1981, Johan Cruyff on the front page


The play of Cruyff to the citizens of Dordrecht is the latest stunt from the new chairman Nico de Vries. After the name change, two years ago, De Vries wanted to do everything to get the club out of anonymity. There were exhibition games played against teams like L.A.. Aztecs, Anderlecht and Sparta. When the Aztecs Cruyff still played with the opponent.

Already after the practice match against the Aztecs played De Vries, oil magnate and owner of the sports brands Admiral and Pony, the idea Cruyff and Rensenbrink to get the Krommedijk. How Cruyff and Rensenbrink for the matches get paid is not known.

Cruyff was available for some games to play. After the KNVB an interim transfer to Ajax of Cruyff blocked (attract a player in the American League outside the transfer window would lead to competition distortions), Cruyff was appointed two months ago 'technical adviser' Ajax coach Leo Beenhakker. But running a club he was not.

The spectators have been paying to play Cruyff seems obvious. Tickets for the grandstand cost 50 gulden, a plurality of what is normal for a ticket to be paid. But that had nothing to do with the play of Cruyff, De Vries stressed.

"We did that to give a contribution to our lighting. We hope our friendly matches such 50.000 guilders for the part about keeping. I think that can help pay our best supporters that light "

(Nico de Vries, Het Vrije Volk, 19-01-1981)

Hoe ging het verder?

Eventually on 19-02-1981 The third Cruyff contest played against Charleroi in Belgium. DS’79 won met 6-1. Cruyff scored one time. The other goals were Rensenbrink (2), Smeets (2) and Janssens.

A few weeks later Cruyff was back in action in a club. The Spanish Levante (Second Division) Cruijff was lured with a check for 10 million pesetas (converted a quarter of a million guilders). After a few disappointing months, with many injuries, He went back to the United States. At the end of the year, talks between Cruyff and Ajax started, so in December 1981 Cruyff returned to the Amsterdam club.


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