BREDA / DORDRECHT - Never before has a deciding game provides so much uncertainty as this afternoon. The match between DFC and RBC Breda gave a 1-0 victory for the citizens of Dordrecht after 90 minuten. And that should be enough for a spot in the league and then maybe the new Eredivisie. But the results are now in the books appears is a complete mystery.

But the joy would be still nothing. The citizens of Dordrecht can be identified even if loser. The Commision, which assesses all complaints on behalf of the KNVB, must now provide clarity.

The deciding game was needed after the merger between the amateur- and professional footballers, late last year. The teams were merged into four classes of fourteen teams. The numbers one through nine went to the new league.

come from the two main classes, the teams for the newly formed Eredivisie. DFC ended in Dordrecht and RBC Roosendaal from the numbers nine and ten with the same number of points. was to clarify a deciding game in Breda. The winner will advance to the league.

Substitute Goalkeeper Small (right) stopped a penalty and was the hero at DFC. Left the injured fallen goalkeeper Van der Bergh. Foto: archive DFC


De 14.000 spectators at the NAC grounds at the Beatrixstraat afternoon saw the whole match two very nervous teams. The sting of the match was evident in the final stage. Nine minutes from time, RBC's Bindels was hooked into the box by left-back Jan Lawyer.

Young sunken goalkeeper Small, which replaced the gebelsseerde Van den Bergh, emerged as the hero of the day. He stopped the penalty kick by Cees Cools.

A few minutes later it hit the other side. Piet van Es untenable placed the ball behind goalkeeper Piet van Osta.

A few minutes later the referee blew for the end of the match. The numerous meegereisde Dordrecht supporters took possession of the field to celebrate with the fans. Goalkeeper Klein went on the shoulders and the board of NAC came with flowers for Dordtenaren.

Or maybe not ...?

But RBC brake levers for a last straw. They served two protests. Firstly Piet van Es preceding his goal have touched the ball with his hand. And goalkeeper Small (DFC) would have moved too early in the penalty. Both cases were not seen by the referee and the linesmen Beltman.

In both cases, the appeal committee of the KNVB must now decide. But as the rules now prescribe the penalty Bindels must be taken. But that was not easy. On the pitch was in fact still a party going, the players of DFC as a central point.

DFC scorer Koos Schaap is congratulated after his 'Golden Goal'. Foto: DFC Archive, Arie Heijstek

The speaker called for the penalty to be retaken, Brabant after protest. The rumor machine was then already in full swing and many spectators had already sought a spot on the podium.

But not everyone was spontaneously off the pitch and so the police had to bear in order all partying soccer fans -probably reluctantly- again get behind the gates. The DFC players were briefed and the penalty was retaken. Cools failed this time not; 1-1.

And so there was a need renewal.

The unexpected dessert (an extension of twice 7,5 minute) still yielded a DFC-goal. After five minutes soloist left half Koos sheep towards the RBC goal and Van Osta passed again. After this golden goal’ immediately followed the final whistle of the referee. The preserved the tie was when DFC - RBC: 2-1.

DFC players after the game against RBC. Second from left, scorer Koos Sheep. Foto: archive DFC

Waiting for the protest committee

But what the final end result is still a big mystery. It's possible 1-0 of 2-1 to become. The chances for DFC ensure, in any case, good. But also 0-1 is still a possibility.

The protest committee should continue taking the RBC objections treatment. If the protest around the 1-0 Piet van Es is honored, the goal is still disapproved.

If the second protest will be honored, the successful penalty Cools disappears in the books. There remains a 1-0 victory over RBC.

But because the referee and linesmen have seen nothing onregelmentairs, it does not appear that the protests are approved. In this case, the extension is unnecessary and remains 1-0 victory stand for DFC.

When the protest committee with a statement is not yet known.

Hoe ging het verder?

It is interesting how the different local media wrote about the competition. According to The Voice, a newspaper Brabantse, 'Saw thousands of West Brabant, but dozens of sporting Dordtse supporters’ Van Es had taken the ball with his hand. If you do report the Dordtenaar opposite turn: 'Van Es would have hands. But referee and linesman had not found any violation in this case.’

The protest committee met on 13 July if to discuss the protests of RBC. Both protests were rejected. De 1-0 Piet van Es stopped and the missed penalty Cools did not have to be taken over.

This DFC had a half week later finally sure of staying in the league, like EBOH and Emma, the other two professional clubs Dordrecht. DFC That was the last club that could be filled out with pen at the participants of the league.

In the league, the numbers went from one to eight in the Premier League. The numbers nine went to playoffs, where they played with the three champions of the First Division still half a competition for two spots in the Eredivisie.

DFC missed the playoffs by a hair. This time it ended with an equal number of points with the main competitor, GVAV (The current FC Groningen). There came a deciding game, this time in Alkmaar.

Voor 13.000 spectators stood after ninety minutes 3-3. But in the first minute of the extension scored GVAV 4-3, so they were in the playoffs (including first-class champion Hermes DVS Schiedam). GVAV won the playoffs and went to the Eredivisie.

DFC qualified for the final First Division. Then came the years a few times near the Eredivisie but the Dordrecht club would not get more top level. Only when there was a separation of pro division FC Dordrecht the highest level was only reached in 1983 as DS'79.

RBC ended up in the Second Division. It promoted a few years later, but disappeared from professional football after the big clean up 1972. It made a comeback in professional football in 1983, in the First Division. Also managed the Brabant managed to reach the highest level, in 2000. In 2011 the club went bankrupt.


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The photographs are from the archives of DFC. A big thanks goes to Arie Heijstek, Archivist of the club.


Text: Dave Datema


story number: 118

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