DORDRECHT - Two boys appear in the Dordrecht socialist red flag has flown long at the City Office. The flag hung just in top on top of the eight-story building on the Spuiboulevard, when the two boys climbed on the roof and the controversial flag pulled down. Thereafter, they ran off.

The Dordrecht and hoisting the red flag on the Labor Day kept the rest of the country for quite a while. In other cities the flag would be hoisted. was in some locations thereof apart, as in Rotterdam, but Dordrecht was one of the few cities or by.

Mayor Van Zuuren Dordrecht. Foto: Beeldbank Region Archive Drechtsteden


Mayor Jan van Zuuren was this morning around seven thirty for the Municipal Office for the flag ceremony. Because of the controversial nature of hoisting the flag was even a camera crew from the NIS traveled to Dordrecht.

The mayor saw around ten to eight was the red flag up. The two boys were already in the building, turned out. They had barricaded themselves on the top floor and grabbed the flag, stopped in a garbage bag and went off on a waiting motorbike.

The two students took action immediately after their contact with the local media. They described their action as a protest. They have offered to return the flag to Mayor Van Zuuren.

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It seemed that the municipality had taken into account this scenario. A backup copy was ready, a slightly smaller, the then top was. Only this flag was clearly substandard. After a few hours the wind had blown to pieces largely flag.

Because there are quite a few complaints were received by the municipality of hoisting a red flag, the city council decided to take the second flag yourself down.


Hoisting the red flag is an annual event. The Dordrecht Mayor and Aldermen had proposed this year to hoist the flag on top. On that any vote. Three members of the Board voted, two against.

The council's proposal caused much criticism of councilors. According to the opposition is to hoist the flag of a party-political demonstration. Mayor Van Zuuren (PvdA) waved off the criticism by saying that one therefore should annoy the Christian songs from the bells of the Great Church.

Eventually the plan seemed to not go all practical purposes. There was no red flag available in Dordrecht. But Van Zuuren received from the hands of the Labor Party still handed a red flag.

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Self criticism

Rural also made the CHU worried about the socialist plans in cities with a left city government, zoals Dordrecht. The party executive says that "the government no instrument should be pure party politics'. There were also asked parliamentary questions.

In other cities were plans to raise the red flag. For example, in Rotterdam, where the Labor Party even years reigns. But it was decided to abandon the red flag. The plan had produced many reactions, positive, but also negative, Van der Louw Labor mayor withdrew the proposal.

Bouwe Kalma, Superintendent to the police in Rotterdam councilor for PSP. Foto: National Archives / Anefo. Maker: Hans Peters

Yet Councilor Bouwe Kalma decided (PSP) on its own initiative to hoist three red flags on top at City Hall. Mayor Van der Louw saw no problem in.

In Utrecht and Zaandam red flags were hoisted. Zaandam was done by strangers. In Utrecht, the flag was hung by leftist groups. When the police removed the flag, there were small fights parties place.

Hoe ging het verder?

The offer of the flag thieves to return the flag to Mayor Van Zuuren, was repulsed by the mayor. He said that the flag, because it was stolen, more could be handed over to the police.

At the police station's report was drawn up against the boys. What they have been taken is not clear.

The deputy mayor of Dordrecht declared two days after the theft flag that he "felt sad that a democratic decision taken at the council, had to be broken by terror ".

A few days later urged the youth Zuidhoven Church and the bells ring left. This was also a protest against the hoisting of the red flag. Attention was drawn to the statements of Van Zuuren, which he referred to the Christian songs that could be heard from the Great Church.

Hoisting the red flag went hardly in our region.

The above story is published on the theme 'Revolt’ Month in History 2018. Day then looked at the topic 'Revolt’ in such a broad context. In this case, it is young people who oppose certain recurring phenomena, such as hoisting the Red Flag.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 01-10-2018

story number: 201

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