RIJSWIJK – Three members of a music band were shot dead in their rehearsal room. Two others were seriously injured. The gunmen got away. It is probably two men.

The four members of the hard rock band were rehearsing, with the fifth present as a spectator, when the gunmen came in. The five had to lie on the floor. Then the two intruders fired their weapons.

Police say the shooters used machine guns, like a Kalashnikov .

“Our impression is that there was no random shooting. The victims have been more or less executed ”

(Police of Rijswijk, THE PAROL, 08-03-1985)

One of the injured managed to get to the ground floor by elevator. There he managed to warn a passer-by, before he collapsed. The man later died in hospital.


The rehearsal room is on the third floor of an office building on the Verijn Stuartlaan. The Council for the Liberation of Suriname and the Weekkrant Suriname are also located on the same floor.

The members of the band had been separated for a while and had just got back together. They have no connection whatsoever with Suriname and only used the rehearsal space.

"Our first impression is that there have been no political motives", says the police in Het Parool. "But it could well be that the action was actually intended against the Liberation Council or the Week Newspaper and that the tape has become the victim of a misunderstanding."

“However, we also have to take into account that it has not been a misunderstanding. The investigation by the criminal investigation is therefore mainly focused on the background of the members of the music group. ”

(Police of Rijswijk, Het Parool 08-03-1985)

Spokesperson Tjon Akiet of the Surinamese Liberation Council has stated to Het Vrije Volk that he cannot imagine that the shooting was directed against the council. Employees of the Weekkrant could not propose a political motive either.

The police have a team of 25 detectives on the case.

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Hoe ging het verder?

Officially, the deaths of the three band members have never been resolved and the police assume that the band members have been victims of a mistake.

The Council for the Liberation of Suriname was one of the biggest opponents of the regime of Desi Bouterse. In the book "The Revelations of Evert Tjon", a former supporter of Bouterse, it is said that Bouterse was the client of the attack in Rijswijk.

Tjon stated in March 2000 that he has brought this out because innocents have been victims.

A few months after the publication of this article, Anna Korterink of NRC made a multi-part podcast about 'Het Geheim van Rijswijk'. A few months after the publication of this article, Anna Korterink of NRC made a multi-part podcast about 'Het Geheim van Rijswijk':


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 06-03-2021

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