THE HAGUE / ROTTERDAM - In a special studio in The Hague tonight gave a special radio program, everyone could listen at home. It was the first time in the (global) history that could be heard previously announced program home.

An announcement of the program was last night at the New Rotterdam Courant. In it, the authors spoke of a Radio-Soirée Musicale.

The broadcast was provided from the self-built studio at the Beech Street in The Hague. Besides the parade march Peat Whip you were singing pieces like Ave Maria, Carmen A girl that never forgets. The broadcast lasted two to three hours and began to 20:00 uur.

Uit: New Rotterdam Courant, 05-11-1919

The program was to listen to a so-called pathofoon with Philips Iduret Generator Lamp. This had to be installed in a Radio Telephony Broadcasting Station of the Dutch Radio Industry, who was responsible for the broadcast.

Major initiator of the radio broadcast was Hans Idzerda. He may also call tonight after the first radio presenter in the world.

Hans Idzerda. Foto: Wikimedia

Idzerda designed radio studio itself and together put. He also had to apply for permission to be PCGG radiotelephone transmitter a broadcast to be allowed to.

How many people have heard exactly the broadcast is not clear. The Netherlands has approximately one thousand radio receivers, which receive the programs. The self-built transmitter Idzerda should get a few hundred kilometers.


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