DELFT – The power struggle that Holland and Zeeland over 70 year holds in its grip has ended. Jacoba of Bavaria signed the peace treaty that already the "Treaty of Delft 'is called, and did thereby waive all its claims to power. They may well hold the title Countess of Holland.

The Delft Zoen there is an end of an attempt by a woman to have a power base in the area, she was actually entitled to. She tried several times, especially through marriages where power was at least as important as love. Yet all marriages took nothing and she remained empty-handed.


The power struggle has emerged halfway through the last century originated, after the death of William IV in like 1345. By marriage politics of his father, there were several parties which claimed the power in the counties of Holland and Zeeland.

The power vacuum caused a revolt arose between two groups, the Cods (with the support under the peers) and Angles (the cities). In recent years the conflict was primarily between for- and opponents of Burgundy.

Jacoba of Bavaria was eleven years ago on the political scene, After the death of her father, Count William VI (the nephew of the original leader of the Angles). They sided with the Angles.

Her uncle John of Bavaria, Bishop of Liège,  felt that the area was not under the rule of a woman. He also made a claim to power, and sided with the Cods. He could count on the support of the Roman Emperor Sigismund.

To improve its dominance Jacoba married at the age of 17 to Jan IV of Brabant. That was her second marriage, after she became a widow already.

A first campaign with John of Brabant, however, did not succeed and Jan of Bavaria captured several rebel cities like Rotterdam, Lead and Geertruidenberg.


Disappointed Jacoba wanted to separate from Jan van Brabant. She had already fled to England, where she met Humphrey of Gloucester. He was Regent of England, because his nephew Henry VI as too young to govern the country. A year later they married. That Jacoba had another strong ally on her side.

A short time later revealed that the marriage with John of Brabant still not been dissolved. Her ex-husband had after the death of John of Bavaria gained control of the areas in which they claimed made. Jan van Brabant was supported by Philip the Good of Burgundy.

The quarrel between the two camps was so high, that Philip Humphrey challenged to a duel. Finally Gloucester saw off the game and he went back to England and left Jacoba.


A short time later Jacoba captured. As Philip the Fair it became increasingly call the shots (and found nothing but the Angles), was there an escape plan put on feet. Jacoba claimed she was going to take a bath and put on men's clothes. Disguised as she walked from the castle.

via Breda, Woudrichem Vianen and she ended up in Schoonhoven. Since the Angles shortly before had seized power. A final attempt to defeat Philip the Good came to nothing. She lost the battle of brouwershaven, despite support from her 'husband' Humphrey of Gloucester.

The guerrilla war from Schoonhoven, Gouda and Oudewater brought little. After the Pope marries ally Humphrey of Gloucester earlier this year declared definitively illegal (Jacoba was married according to the church Jan van Brabant, when she remarried Humphrey) she gave up her resistance and she was willing to sign the peace. She was financially to the ground and had no allies more.

Philip the Good

Jan van Brabant was then meanwhile deceased. Philip the Fair had enforced he was heir. He was also the party who had to negotiate Jacoba.

The peace treaty was in Delft 4.000 words written in Dutch and French. Jacoba remained nominally still the Countess of Holland, but they had all the power to Philip the Good.

Philip the Good Ruwaard now bears the title of Holland, Zeeland and Hainaut, which means that he is now governor of the region. Jacoba is also stipulated that no more allowed to marry, without the consent of Philip. The expectation is that he will never give permission. deadline (swear words) Hook and Cod are officially banned.

What happened on?

Five years later (1433) Jacoba also renounced her title Countess of Holland, Zeeland and Hainaut. She was alone and was financially completely aground. She was awarded several areas, to meet her in her income, as Voorne, Tholen and Goes.

They would eventually get married again, with the Zeeland nobleman Frank van Borssele. Because she had renounced her title, she did not need permission for marriage.  Her last years of her life she spent in Slot Teylingen in Voorhout. There she got tuberculosis.

After a marriage of less than two years died Jacoba of Bavaria. She was married a total of four times and has spent almost all her life in a power game, wherein the fact that she was female was quite a disadvantage.

Philip the Good

Philip the Good did considerable changes in the Netherlands by. The Council of Holland was established and he suggested the first governor. He also presented the first General Assembly in, which formed a kind of foundation for what is now Netherlands.

His great-great-grandchild was Charles of Luxembourg. He is now known as Charles V or Charles. Besides the Netherlands and Burgundy, he also had the power of the Holy Roman Empire (more or less Germany), Spain and much of Italy.

Treaty of Delft

The peace treaty that had been given the name 'Treaty of Delft' is still seen, at the National Library in the archives in Haarlem.

the dispute

Were Hoekse- and Cod twisting therewith beyond? Not quite. In Utrecht it came a few times to clashes between supporters and opponents of Philip by Philip the Good. The Jonker Franssen War (1488-1490) is grouped under the Hoekse- and Cod dispute. Frans Jonker was a robber baron, Rotterdam which conquered cities and from there tried to get their hands around, tevergeefs. He was in 1490 arrested and thrown in a cell Dordrecht.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 01 oktober 2017

story number: 11

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