DORDRECHT - The league match between PSV and Dordrecht'90 this afternoon suspended due to a false bomb threat. The police had the club management after mutual consultation decided to take no risk and to continue the game. Chairman Cees den Braven: "A low point for Dordrecht'90, but I do not regret our decision. "

The lags stood against PSV 0-1 behind (goal Vanenburg), when both teams sought out midway through the dressing rooms. During the break came when two calls within the police. "The exact text I do not know exactly, but said in Dutch accent that there 35 minutes two bombs would explode at the stadium Dordrecht'90. ", said Superintendent Harry Meijer Dordrecht police.

mayor Noorland, who in the meantime had also come to the Krommedijk, stated that there was a 'serious threat'.

After consultation between club management and the police decided to evacuate the stadium. Part of the public could still laugh at the first call to leave the stadium calmly. But that gave way to sulking move, when was announced that "today really would not play football '.

Chairman Cees den Braven made an impression beaten. "This misery can also at all", said the president of the lags of the Eredivisie. "We have decided in consultation with our lawyer to continue the game. You can also do nothing, but if it goes wrong, we're screwed. I do not regret our decision. "

PSV, that Feyenoord full embroiled in conflict for the championship, was not at all happy with the decision to continue the game. "This decision has no end", said PSV president Jacques Ruts. "We can hardly every game after blowing a threat." At that time ran scorer Gerald Vanenburg changed and all behind him toward the team bus.

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Then shortly after four o'clock (the reported time)  There was still no bomb detonated, The police began a major search in the stadium. It was eventually found nothing. "In retrospect, it turns out to be a joke of a flake, but a rotgeintje ", said Inspector Meijer.

Police are looking for the man behind the false report, but no one arrested. The KNVB is now looking for a date which (probably only) the second half is played out. Given the busy schedule of PSV, is no easy task.

Dordrecht'90 - PSV 0-1 (stopped in the rest)

score results: 0-1 Gerald Vanenburg

setup Dordrecht'90: De Jongh; Atmodikoro, Fortune, Wilsterman, Barrier; degree, van de Merwe, Simons; Breetveld, forests, Langenhuysen

PSV: Ron; of Aerle, Popescu, van der Gaag, Numan; Koeman, lump, Levi; Vanenburg, Romario, Kalusha

Referee: Schuurmans

spectators: 4000

Hoe ging het verder?

It was even stranger. The match was on 19 mei, on Wednesday, played out. After about ten minutes, Dordrecht'90 goals by Romeo Forests and Pascal with Langenhuysen 2-1 in front of. In the last fifteen minutes Mitchell van der Gaag prevents an Eindhoven flop in Dordrecht.

But the unexpected point loss is hard to Eindhoven. A week later 1-0 lost to Vitesse. Then Feyenoord Brabanders goes beyond the rankings, not to relinquish the lead.

The tip of Dordrecht'90 was not enough to avoid relegation to the First Division. Who would was behind the call to the police was never clarified.

That race was halted professional football in Dutch because of a bomb threat was incidentally not unique. In 1988 a match of The Hague already once stopped after 17 minutes after a bomb threat.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 02 mei 2018

story number: 76

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