VLAARDINGEN - When an explosion hundreds of diamonds fell during the annual Christmas tree burning on Broekweg in Vlaardingen. The weather conditions are petrol fumes lingered on the deck with Christmas trees and wooden pallets. When the fire was lit these vapors causing an explosion, is the explanation of the police.

The square at the Broekweg this morning made a weird impression. In many places the windows are boarded up temporarily, pending emergency glass. Glaziers have been since the night hours (!) working to repair the damage. For now, they are not yet ready.

The explosion was almost immediately after lighting the fire. Bystanders have statues made of the blast.

In other houses, the damage was even greater. Thus, one of the residents could not leave the house through the front door, because the door was pushed by the blast from his post.

"I stood at the window. And my wife got the window on lap. My bedroom window is broken, the door is blown open and smashed a stained glass window ".

(Broekweg local resident on Radio Rijnmond, 02-01-2008)

A neighbor tells us that there were two children in the house were asleep. The blow they were caught completely under the glass. They were completely panicked.

To our knowledge there are three (light)wounded.


Now the terror is somewhat left, dominates the anger by local residents. "It is not the first time it happens", says one of the victims. "Five years ago it was even wrong. But the damage is much greater. "

According to the same resident saw you this time "it would go wrong '. After the last explosion decided to intervene in the municipality. The traditional Christmas trees burning if only under the supervision of the fire.

"But the fire was nowhere to be seen", local residents say in unison. "The fire is lit by the boys themselves."

No new permission

For now it's over with the Christmas tree burning on Broekplein, Bruinsma was mayor know. After the last explosion five years ago, agreed.

"However, these have not proved to waterproof. And so I also draw the conclusion that this could not take place there. It is too densely populated area. We will have to organize it somewhere outside the civilized world. "

(Mayor Tjerk Bruinsma of Vlaardingen, Radio Rijnmond 01-01-2008)

The anger around the Broekweg was so great, that local residents spontaneously started a petition to stop a new bonfire. Bruinsma had them by prohibiting the burning of next year.

The mayor has already discussed today with the police and the fire department about the events tonight at Broekplein.

Township: many questions

"It was agreed in advance that the youths were lighting it yourself", says a spokesperson for the municipality. "We have checked several times in recent days, like the police and fire brigade. Until they have complied with the agreements for half an hour for the lighting of the Christmas trees. "

For instance, the Christmas trees mountain was less than the maximum height set by the municipality. "Apparently, the material may be linked, such as pallets and Christmas trees, some sparse ", explains the spokesman of.

The congregation also talked with young people, responsible for organizing the combustion. There soon followed by a second call, because there are still many questions.

The Christmas tree burning on Broekweg was tolerated by the municipality. "Strictly speaking it should not", explains the spokesman of. "But the Association of Dutch Municipalities recommends to allow it anyway, but in organized, to keep a piece of control. Without such a controlled combustion, originated in the New Year night at various places in the city spontaneously burns. "

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Today, residents of the Broekweg receive a letter with information. The municipality will intercede for people who are not insured against glass damage.

Tomorrow insurance people go door to door to assess the damage. Two days following an information meeting for those directly involved in nursing home Sunda.

Hoe ging het verder?

The residents' meeting, two days after the explosion, The youngsters have apologized for the inconvenience, that caused the blow. at 82 homes are eventually killed diamonds. The municipality of Vlaardingen emphasizes again that the damage is repaired by the insurance company or the municipality.

The firm attitude of Bruinsma about the cancellation of the Christmas trees at the end 2008 disappeared again for a part. At the request of young people from the neighborhood he assesses the residents, burning is still possible. The neighbors see it still does not sit.

In 2013 the bonfire returns. Apart from some Christmas trees thefts in the days before the New Year, continue incidents.

In 2017 it went wrong again. Certainly fifteen bikes are thrown into the bonfire. Some of it comes from a single mother who lives in the square. Thanks to a charity event the woman gets new rapid cycling weather.

mayor Blase, the successor Bruinsma, announces measures.

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published: 01-01-2018

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