ROTTERDAM / MILAN - Football club Feijenoord is the first Dutch club to win a European Cup. In the final in Milan, Ernst Happel's team was with 2-1 to strong. Ove Kindvall scored the winning goal in the second part of the overtime.

Because of the victory, Feijenoord is allowed to go for a whole season "best club in Europe" and will also have the opportunity this fall to "best of the world ".

The moment of the game was deep in the second extension. The teams stood one 1-1 stand, then Rinus Israel, one of the stars at Feijenoord, the ball played deep towards match winner Kindvall.

“Free kick Israel. He makes hands. He makes hands! That must be a penalty! But it is a goal! He keeps playing and of course very rightly. And Kindvall scores! Kindvall scores. And he is now carried on the shoulders. ”

(Herman Kuiphof, television report, 06-05-1970)

Afterwards there was also praise for referee Concetto Lo Bello from Italy. Not only had he correctly estimated this action, by applying the benefit rule and not whistling for Gemmell's handball, in any case there was no discreet word about the referee.

Ove Kindvall scores the winning goal. Foto: Eric Koch, National Archives / Anefo

Sterk begin Celtic

Initially, the Scottish champion had the best of the game. Celtic wilde, as the football experts had predicted beforehand, quickly one forcing a goal. But the pressure that the Scots put on the Rotterdam defense explained, hardly provided any opportunities.

This was mainly due to the excellent defensive position game of Feijenoord.

"The cooked-out way in which Van Duivenbode and Van Hanegem together eliminated Scottish prodigy Jimmy Johnstone, testified to great tactical insight. If one attacked Johnstone, the other was already a few meters away ready to take the ball off ”

(Algemeen Handelsblad, 08-05-1970)

Despite the fact that the midfield is in Rotterdam hands used to be, fell the Scottish goal. A free kick on the edge of it penalty area was taken by Tommy Gemmell straight through the Rotterdam wall shot; 1-0.

Incidentally, it is the first Celtic goal this European Cup on the European mainland. The team knew in the previous rounds against Basel, Benfica and Fiorentina fail to score in the away game. That only happened in the away match at Leeds United, an English club.

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Equalizing as breaking point

In a matter of minutes both parties were equal again. Again a free kick preceded it. When Celtic was not processing the ball properly, Rinus Israel was quick to head the ball in.

"The team needed a boost at the time"

(Rinus Israel about his equalizer, Algemeen Handelsblad, 08-05-1970)

The equalizer ensured that Celtic was hardly there anymore came into play. The Rotterdam midfield got the game more and more inside her grip. Shortly after the break Feijenoord was the closest to a goal, when Fransz Hasil shot the ball on the post.

In extension, the Scots were close to one more time goal, then John Hughes returned alone to Eddy Pieters Graafland went off. The keeper, who had been on the second plan all season, was allowed start in the base before the final. Eddy PG stopped the ball, but it seemed still enter the goal. Rinus Israel assisted his goalkeeper, so that it was not yet a goal.

A few minutes later followed pass, the decision of Lo Bello and the cold-bloodedness of Ove Kindvall die Feijenoord champion of Europe.

Cheering Feijnoorders take Kindvall (No.. 9) after goal on the shoulders. Foto: Eric Koch, National Archives / Anefo

national feast

And even though the Feijenoord supporters in Milan were numerically in the minority, the party was no less.

“Milan is a bit like Feyenoord. San Siro is all ours at the moment!”

(Herman Kuiphof, Europacupfinale, television report, 06-05-1970)

Captain Rinus Israel then got the "cup with the big ears’ be the first to lift the air. Eddy Pieters Graafland, who had his very last game as a professional footballer, had meanwhile already brought the ball as a souvenir. And Ove Kindvall will be connected forever after tonight as the man who gave Feijenoord the first Dutch European Cup win.

Supporters of Feijenoord in San Siro. Foto: Eric Koch, National Archives / Anefo

And in Rotterdam will be tomorrow, as everyone enjoys free Ascension Day, tonight's great folk festival probably still be done thinly.

Feijenoord - Celtic: 2-1 (1-1 after regular time)

score results: 28’ 0-1, Tommy Gemmell, 32’ 1-1, Rinus Israel, 117’ 2-1, Ove kindvall

Line up Feijenoord: Eddy Pieters Graafland; Piet Romeijn (106Guus Haak), Rinus Israel, Theo Laseroms, Theo van Duivenbode;  Fransz Results, Wim Jansen, Willem van Hanegem; Henk Wery, Ove kindvall, Coen Moulijn

Celtic line-up: Evan Williams; David Hay, Tommy Gemmell, Billy McNeils, Jim Brogan; Bobby Murdoch, Bertie Auld (77’ George Connely); Jimmy Johnstone, John Hughes, William Wallace, Bobby Lennox

Referee: Lo concept Beautiful (Italy)

Hoe ging het verder?

It was indeed a big folk party in Rotterdam, true more than 100.000 people came to. Although they had to be very patient to have. Supporters, who were waiting for the Feyenoord players, were massive went to Zestienhoven. They even knew there (quite massive) on the to arrive at the airport. Therefore, the aircraft could not land there and soaked it plane to Schiphol.

A few months later, after the European Cup, the World Cup for club teams also followed after a double meeting against Estudiantes. Feyenoord would participate in the European Cup I as defending champion in the following season (the team had not become a champion). In it, it was eliminated in the first round by the puny UT Arad from Romania on away goals (from: 0-0, home: 1-1).

Ajax then took over hegemony in Europe by three win the European Cup for National Champions in a row.

In 1974 Feyenoord was again on the highest podium, by the Win UEFA Cup. That happened again in 2002.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 05-05-2020

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