ENSCHEDE / ROTTERDAM – Feyenoord defender Piet Romeijn can expect a substantial suspension. The sturdy left back disappeared into the referee's book, because he Van Gemert referee after the match against FC Twente (1-1) a bastard’ had named.

Romeijn was furious at referee, because he gave just before the home team a free kick, which was not in front of the defender go. The free kick was a corner and from that corner the equalizer fell.

When Romeijn in injury time before the eyes of the referee from Dubbeldam was shot down and he was not a free kick, turnips were cooked. Van Gemert, who immediately after the offense affloot before the end of the match, gave Romeijn told "Thanks for the lead, hondelul '.

According to De Volkskrant was extra painful to note the referee, because the dog died referee earlier this week.

Eddy Pieters Graafland and Piet Romeijn in Utrecht. Photographer: unknown, National Archives / Anefo

In all the commotion did Van Gemert Romeijn the chance to apologize, but not followed. Captain Rinus Israel spoke on behalf Romeijn the word the word.

Then Van Gemert was grim:

“the field is said and the language is not always so neat. There is sometimes emotionally reviled. I do not lift as heavy on, but there are limits.”

(Referee Van Gemert, Volkskrant, 08-12-1969)


Afterwards Romeijn would have claimed that he ignoramus’ had called, but he came back later.

“Of course I now regret, but I could not have the referee after the duel between Van Duivenboden and Drost sent a free kick against us. There was nothing wrong. You then winds up. That comment was from then on I knew it. I think it will cost me a game or a fine.”

(Piet Romeijn, password, 08-12-1969)

Feyenoord responded by team manager Brox. Who called it a "sad thing". He also expects the club from Feyenoord probably takes action.

It does mean that Feyenoord for the fourth time going to the disciplinary committee this season will have to. Previously published even Laseroms, Kindvall and Van Hanegem in the dock. Only the latter escaped miraculously from a suspension. Hanegem it even managed to get the entire disciplinary committee stepped.

read more: Disciplinary Committee step because of "Affair Hanegem’


It is not the first time that Romeijn is negative in the news. Two years ago he already disappeared into the referee's book because he arbitrator Schalks for 'asshole’ had abused. This then earned him a suspension for three games.

During a youth match between Netherlands and Belgium Romeijn was ever turned away because he had insulted the French referee. It then took him eight (!) matches. He could not stand long two years for national teams.


Most media speak shame of action Romeijn. some media, such as the Telegraph, find the statement even as violently, they reject the epithet place. Other newspapers do so.

The use of the term "bastard’ in the football stadium is not entirely new. For some time the yell is already used in combination with hi, he has, ….’.

However Romeijn seems to be the first to have when it comes to the use of the term to a referee. Earlier referees have already been scolded for 'frog’ a 'kattenmepper'.

Piet Romeijn brings Piet Keizer fall in the match against Ajax. Photographer: Unknown, National Archives / Anefo

Hoe ging het verder?

The suspension, moreover did not. Romeijn gave the KNVB fined 350 gulden. The club was doing a fine over.

Feyenoord, this season gigantic greatly impressed by the first Dutch club to win the European Cup, did not learn much from the incident Romeijn. A week later another Feyenoorder, Wery, still sent off.

Romeijn later that year sent once from the field. He was in the European Cup match against Vorwärts Berlin dismissed. Feyenoord lost that game with 1-0, but that was back in the game well put (2-0).


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 06 december 2019

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