ROTTERDAM – He was perhaps the greatest Feyenoord player who ever lived, and above one of the most popular. The death of club icon Coen Moulijn also comes hard on everyone playing football, Feyenoord and, in particular,, cares.

Moulijn fits in the list with names like Willem van Hanegem, Ove kindvall a Wim Jansen. “He has had a huge impact on the Rotterdam football”, says Johan Cruyff, mister Ajax, about his Rotterdam counterpart.

“If he Kuip sat alone put on his shoes completely full”

(Johan Cruyff about Coen Moulijn)

Moulijn started his career at Xerxes Rotterdam. He was at that time for 28.000 euro bought by Feyenoord, never to leave again. In total he played 487 official games for the Rotterdam. That record still stands.

If left outside Moulijn is best known for his dribbling and his perfect cross. “I'm not ashamed to say that my career largely made by Coen. His cross was so precise that it seemed as if a caliper and a ruler to come to pass”, says Cor van der Gijp, Feyenoord's top scorer, the Feyenoord website.

Van der Gijp says that he is devastated’ Coen's gone. “He was also off the field my best mate. On my birthday in August, he was one of the first who came within a. That says enough”

To tap

He is left outside was a plague for each defender, has known Moulijn. After his career Moulijn said he had so many kicks in the football 'that he was still not straightened out'.

The most famous example was the (tough) European Cup match between Real Madrid and Feyenoord 1965. If Moulijn is hard bottom kicked by Vicente Miera he can not control himself. He goes in pursuit, Like his teammates. “Coen, control of your! boys, boys, this can not be”, says commentator Bob Spaak on television.

Eventually Moulijn took but 38 internationals, very little for someone of his stature. Federal Coaches sometimes had criticized Moulijn was hit. In his 38 internationals he scored four times.

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Man of the people

Despite his successful football career (a European Cup, a World, five league titles and two KNVB Cups) Moulijn has always had a job. During his career he opened a haberdashery in South Rotterdam, which he ran until recently with his wife. It made its image of "man of the people’ only been strengthened.

Two years ago, unveiled a statue of Moulijn on the square in front of the Feyenoord stadium. That he might do himself. It indicates how much the left winger for the club.

The Bloklandstraat in Oude Noorden Rotterdam is inseparable Moulijn. The wall where he learned to play football is gone, but was later replaced another wall.

When the funeral is and how it will look like is not yet clear.

Hoe ging het verder?

The funeral is a great and emotional moment. The funeral procession passes through the Feyenoord stadium, Erasmus Bridge and Coolsingel. In several places the procession stops, because there are too many people on the road.

"Coen remains the largest’ reads a meter long banner, hanging from the balcony of City Hall.

“I just spoke to a man who said that he also here 1970 was standing”, tells a reporter of TV Rijnmond in the television broadcast about the departure of Moulijn. “When we were applauding Coen when he was here on the steps above after winning the European Cup 1. And now I'm back here and I'm saying goodbye to Coen. We're going to miss a very great man.”

After the death of Moulijn also Marathonweg renamed Coen Moulijnweg.


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