BARENDRECHT - In a head-on collision between two freight trains at Barendrecht, ter height of the A15, an operator has died. The driver of the another train was seriously injured.

The accident was around half past ten. Both trains had hit the same track between Rotterdam and Dordrecht for an unknown reason and collided head-on.

The driver of one of the trains did not survive the accident. The other driver was taken to hospital. According to a spokesman for the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region, the man was approachable.

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Under the A15, complete havoc has arisen. The two locomotives are fully compressed. There are several of both trains wagons derailed. One train was carrying containers. The other train boilers with flammable substances. Despite the blow, no fire started. The trains are from DB Schenker and ERS Railways.

A third train almost got involved in the accident. The driver of the Benelux train (passenger train) saw sparks on the track and made an emergency stop. This prevented the train from colliding with several fragments at great speed.

Only a few people were injured in this train. Also was there is minor damage. There sat 175 people on the train.


As far as is clear, the bridge over the track is not damaged. Some witnesses claimed that the A15 is a few centimeters came up. But from an initial check, there appears to be nothing wrong with it viaduct.

It is unclear how long the track will remain closed. Not only are some tracks blocked, some rails are also damaged. It will also be a difficult job to get the two locomotives out from under the viaduct.

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The cause is not yet known. One of the trains may have ignored a red signal, but that is still under investigation. As chairman of the Dutch Safety Board, master Pieter van Vollenhoven himself came to take a look at the scene of the accident.. Later today there will also be investigations by the Transport and Water Management Inspectorate and the police.

It is the first time since 2003 that people are killed in a train accident. Then came to Roermond a freight train and a slow train colliding with each other. The driver of the slow train did not survive the blow.

Hoe ging het verder?

It would take days before the rail between Rotterdam and Dordrecht was again free for freight transport. One of the locomotives sat like this stuck to the track, that they had to be burnt loose. There was eventually a Leonard tank (!) needed to get the two locomotives out from under the track.

According to the Dutch Safety Board, the DB Schenkertrein driver had heart problems. This had been noticed during his last inspection, but nothing else has been done with it.

During the fatal ride hit (very likely) the driver unwell. He had already made two emergency stops, but air traffic control did not have that seen. A little further on the man drove through a red signal. The ERS train Railways was allowed to continue.

It often happens that a train passes through a red signal drives. In 2010 already was 172 keer. That has in the first decade of this century also led to 32 collisions.

There is a backup system: ATB. A red signal like a train ignores, this system comes into operation. The big problem is the system does not work, if the train runs slower than 40 kilometer per uur. The train that drove through red at Barendrecht, had a speed of 39 kilometer per uur.

A new European security system has been created, but that has still not been put into use. The Dutch Safety Board saw Barendrecht therefore as a reason to point out to the minister that this new system is in must be used.

Minister Eurlings then promises to do that, but a year later that still hasn't happened. Also, not all are yet trains adapted.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 23-09-2019

story number: 130

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