RIJSWIJK / THE HAGUE – In The Hague are talks about peace between the Spanish Empire and the Dutch Republic to the point of beginning. The talks must put an end to the hostilities that may last for over forty years.

Today, the partners met at the Hoornbrug in Rijswijk. Maurice governor and commander Spinola greeted each -ogenschijnlijk- warm with a great sweep of their hat and a firm handshake. It was hard to imagine that there are two military rivals met, which normally are opposite to each other on the battlefield.

Spinola has a tough journey sitting on. Spanish army chief is a carriage ride through the snowy landscapes and across the frozen rivers through Dordrecht and Rotterdam Hague. Rijswijk Spinola was met by the Dutch delegation.

governor Maurits, waiting for his brother Frederick Henry and their cousin William Louis were to good use in the Hoornbrug. After the handshake followed gun salute from the guns were positioned.

Spinola then took place in the coach Maurits and they drove back to the Courtyard. There awaits include also pensionary Johan van Barneveld on them.

According to eyewitnesses, there were along the Rijswijkseweg many curious people who wanted a glimpse of the high visit.

In the wake of Spinola also traveled Jean Richardot, Jan van Neye, Juan Mancicidor and Louis Verreyken note. On behalf of the Republic has sent one person each province.


Particularly Spain would be a strong supporter of peace. More than ten years ago, most Spanish troops were driven out of the east and north of the Dutch Republic.

the Spanish income from trade with India were also very disappointing, partly through the agency of the Dutch merchant navy. In addition, Spain is also at war with France.

For the Republic, there are plenty of reasons to talk about peace. The cost to maintain the army large. And especially in the areas where in recent years the hardest fought (Groningen, Overijssel and Gelderland) is the cry for peace is greatest.

Yet not everyone is in favor of peace in the Netherlands. Many fanatical Protestants wanted peace with the Catholic Spaniards. In other areas, such Zealand, merchants deserved much to the blockade of Antwerp.

The Spanish king would be willing to recognize the Northern Netherlands as a sovereign state. After the Battle of Gibraltar, last year, became a cease-fire declared.

Hoe ging het verder?

The talks yielded little on. King Philip III among others demanded that the Dutch would give up the trade in India and worship for Catholics were allowed. For the Netherlands, which were unacceptable demands. Op 23 August both mutually apart.

In Antwerp, the talks are a year later completed a truce 12 jaar. For both parties it was a financial relief.

Op 9 april 1609 The Twelve Years' Truce was ratified. The Republic was fully recognized and numerous countries began diplomatic ties with the Netherlands. Thereby closing the file is seen as a victory for the Netherlands and a defeat for Spain.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 01-02-2018

story number: 62