SCHEVENINGEN – Marines have made an end in Scheveningen prison on a kidnapping of several people that lasted more than four days. That happened without even one drop of blood has been shed. The hostages were held for days in the church hall of the prison.

The Liberation this morning began around 04:00 uur.

"In order to intimidate the detainees were put space with light flares and spotlights in a sea of ​​light and fired some volleys marines armed with Uzi submachine guns off the ceiling. To increase the panic lap one outside the church windows. "

(Het Vrije Volk, 31-10-1974)

According to the Hague chief Peijster is the first time that in a hostage adopted a 'hard line'. The police chief called a complete success. The captors had two pistols and some stilettos. There is fired with guns, but no one injured.

One of the hostage-takers immediately put his hands in the air, while two others ran for cover. Only the Palestinian Nuri grabbed his arm and wanted to fight.

Publiek kijkt toe tijdens de gijzeling van een kerkkoor in de gevangenis van Scheveningen. Foto: Hans Peters, National Archives / Anefo

the hostage

The hostage crisis began last Saturday. In the church hall was a performance by a choir of probation. In the hall thirteen prisoners were, the choir, relatives of the choir members. Four children were among those present. There were two unarmed guards.

Who are the captors?

  • Jan B.: He announced the kidnapping of. Was pretty aggressive. Served a sentence of seven years in prison for a kidnapping in Espijk, Together with Daan Denie. Was known as "breakout dangerous'.
  • Adnan N.: Palestinian. Was stuck on a plane hijacking, which earlier this year ended at Schiphol. Stood with Sami T. into the first terror trial in Netherlands.
  • Mohammed K.: Algerian. Spent two years in prison for a violent robbery in Rotterdam.
  • Daan D.: Served a sentence of seven years in prison for a kidnapping in Espijk in 1973.

Around seven o'clock in the evening Brewers jumped up and shot twice with a pistol. The three other hijackers jumped on.

Brewers shouted that everyone had to lie on the floor in one corner of the room. One of the guards gave the keys of the church room to D..

The other detainees were allowed to join when the hostage, but nobody did join. They all left the church hall. One of the prisoners then came a radio and bring a radio.

Gijzeling in Scheveningse gevangenis; gehelmde politiemensen bij de gevangenis. Foto: Hans Peters, National Archives / Anefo


Not much later, the demands of the hostage takers were. Adnan N. eiste that mede kaper Sami T. was entitled to join the party. Further, there were no requirements. Sunday was asked to drugs, food and milk for children. It was also demanded that the leftist activist Lucien van Hoesel would mediate.

Van Hoesel got a couple of times a note with. Sometimes there were also children or relatives of the choir out. But threatened after a few hours the kidnappers Father Flounder shooting death.

The afternoon announced Sami T. themselves through the radio with the hostage-takers. He reported Adnan N., who became one of the two leaders of the hostage-takers, that he saw no point in the action of his former companion.

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After a hostage 108 hours lasted arrived armed Marines from the Special Assistance Unit within the church hall.

The action lasted only a few minutes. The four kidnappers were completely surprised. Adnan N. was asleep. Daan D. immediately surrendered. Jan B. one of the hostages are used as human shields and tried to shoot. refused his weapon.

Pretty soon were four kidnappers naked and handcuffed on the ground. There were still some hostages in the church hall available.

Hoe ging het verder?

The weapons were smuggled into the prison by a Benedictine monk from Oosterhout. He had a strong relationship with Jan Brouwers and asked him to smuggle guns into prison. He was sentenced to eighteen years in prison. Then he went back to the monastery in. According to his lawyer brother was "addicted to doing good '.

Voor de Nederlandse overheid was het erg belangrijk dat de gijzeling goed afliep. Een maand eerder was er ook al een gijzeling, bij de Japanse ambassade. Daar wisten de gijzelnemers een vliegtuig met vrijgeleide te regelen. Dat zorgde voor wat imagoschade in het buitenland.

Minister van Justitie Dries van Agt was er alles aan gelegen om de zaak volledig tot een goed einde te brengen. Terwijl premier Den Uyl voorstander was van eindeloze gesprekken met de gijzelnemers, was Van Agt voorstander van hard ingrijpen. Uiteindelijk kreeg hij van de premier het groene licht.

Jan B. received 1980 grace and was politically active, for the Red Aid, a left-hand movement. Daan D. committed after his sentence a robbery and was arrested again.

Adnan S. already in 1975 released, Together with Sami T. after a hostage situation in Tunisia. The captors there demanded the release of thirteen co-fighters, including two trapped in Netherlands. Grudgingly went to the Dutch government agreed.

How K. ended is not clear.

The choir later that year was already singing in prison. That service was led by Bishop Simonis.


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