MAASSLUIS / VLAARDINGEN – In milk originating from cows at Vlaardingen and Maassluis are traces of the poisonous dioxin found. Reported Het Vrije Volk. A part of the milk is sold in supermarkets.

The Ministry of Agriculture has held separate milk, but kept it secret poisoning. For dioxin types polychloordibenzoparadioxine (PCDD) and polychlorinated (PCDF) There are no statutory standards, but are highly toxic, experts say.

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A spokesman for the Ministry of Welfare, Health and Culture is not clear how much contaminated milk sold. But there were no people with symptoms of poisoning have been reported to the GP.

Today is a crisis of the government with further action. Maar, says the Ministry of Culture, health is not in danger. Vegetables can be eaten are grown in the Lickebaertpolder.

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The contaminated milk comes from eleven farmers Lickebaertpolder. These farms are literally in the shadow of the incineration plant AVR, on the other side of the water, bij Rozenburg.

In 1984 were previously discovered traces of dioxin in milk. Even when looked at AVR, but to ban the sale of the milk it was not.

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One of the farmers in the area pulled himself to the bell at the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM). Research has shown that elevated concentrations of pollutants are in the milk.

Boer Siem van der Kooij tells Het Vrije Volk that he had been a year since contacted the RIVM. He is convinced that the AVR behind pollution.

"We get a lot of support from farmers in the neighborhood. They all live here for years in the smoke of the AVR. And everyone goes sometimes thinking that now all be so healthy?”

(farmer Siem van der Kooij, HVV 15-07-1989)

However, not everyone in the area equally pleased with the report by Van der Kooij. Some of them are even very skeptical.

"Oh what dioxin. D'r is too much bullshit and written. Too much talked about, I leave it so then say. Soon you anything to eat or drink. Makes you so disturbed. "

(farmer Cor van Leeuwen, HVV 15-07-1989)

Many of the farmers themselves drink the milk farmer from the area and "have for years no problems'. Therefore, we look with mixed feelings farmer Siem van der Kooij, who brought the whole thing rolling.

"Why should Van der Kooij, if necessary put things back on stilts? And now wil'ie try to get compensation from the state. Zal'ie still have to fight for long "

(farmer Cor van Leeuwen, HVV 15-07-1989)
Dead animals are culled after a gas leak at Seveso in Italy. Foto: ASL, National Archives / Anefo


How toxic dioxin can be turned in 1976 when a few kilograms of dioxin escaped in the Italian Seveso. Dozens of people were then seriously ill when the gas cloud for days lingered in the village.

Hundreds of animals deceased. Vegetable in home gardens died and trees lost their leaves. Dozens of families had to move because the area was heavily polluted.

Hoe ging het verder?

The same day the government takes measures. Melk, meat and fat of animals from around the AVR plant may not be used or sold. Maar, as the authorities persist, there is no danger to public health is.

Minister Nijpels van Milieu belooft op korte termijn strengere regels voor afvalverwerkingsbedrijven. Die waren al in de maak, but throughout the dioxin scandal, is there any extra momentum put behind.

is even talk of compensation for affected farmers. Milk may be picked up, but is stored separately. The farmers do get paid.

Scientists argue that you can only get sick of dioxin levels when more than 9 drink liters of milk per day.

A week later showed that AVR is not the only company in the area that dioxin emissions. Indeed there are another twenty on a list of the GPD sheets that can sit behind the pollution. Companies like Shell are called.

Nevertheless, the government launched a proceedings against AVR. De staat eist 2,2 million guilders in damages for farmers. The incinerator should immediately stop emitting dioxin.

It takes five months (!) AVR before finally responding substantively. According to the lawyer house pollution can not possibly come from the incineration. Research shows that dioxin can not reach the other side of the river. A month later gives justice to that. AVR can not sit behind the pollution. The standard procedure is late January 1990 deleted.

Whoever the polluter, has remained unclear. called AVR, AKZO but also comes as a cause beyond. It was never determined who was responsible.

Four years later, we sit in 1994, AVR does have significantly reduced emissions of dioxins. Now there is only one sixth of the legal standard free. A month later, more than six years after the notification of the small cheese farmer from Lickebaertpolder, the meat of the local cooing can be eaten again.

Nowadays, there is virtually no more dioxins emitted in our country.  According to the government dioxins now only by 'gevelbetimmeringen homes' release.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 14-07-1989

story number: 116

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