SCHEVENINGEN - A fire last night and tonight certainly done a million guilders in damages to the Scheveningen pier. several shops, mid pier, went up in flames.

The Telegraph quotes a preliminary police report that the fire probably originated in a case chips. The fries baker was around half eleven just called away, and then a gust of wind has to be beaten some of the fat from the pan.

Even the man tried to extinguish the fire with a foam, but the situation was beyond repair. When firefighters arrived the moment later the chip shop ablaze and the fire was already beaten to other stores.

Fire on Scheveningen pier. Foto: Jac de Nijs, National Archives / Anefo.


To combat the fire had fire Hague also trouble to (sweet) get extinguishing water in the fire. The biggest fire engines could not get near the pier, because the entrance was not wide enough.

Firewater had more than 300 meters are taken down the Zwolsestraat. The fire brigade was deploying hundreds of meters of hoses to fight the fire.

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When the fire broke out was a German family with two children still attend one of the four islands pier. They were in a restaurant and were - as were the staff - not back to the boulevard.

Only after two hours the fire could reach the visitors and free them from their situation.

Fire on Scheveningen pier. Foto: Jac de Nijs, National Archives / Anefo.


Fire damage is around million guilders, treasure owner EMS. But that's not to say with clarity. It is also not known how severe the damage to the concrete structure of the pier.

Last night a beginning has already been made with the clean-up work. EMS management expects that today in the course of the day the pier again opens. The restaurants and eateries remain closed for the time being because there is no power, is gas and water.

Not for the first time

During the war, even though it was once a major fire at the pier of Scheveningen. In 1943 remained when only a heap of twisted steel after fire.

In a part of the pier was stored hay for the horses of the German soldiers. In hay resulted breeding. The fire was then nothing but idly, because the connection was taken away to the pier. The Germans were afraid that the pier would be used in a possible British invasion.

Hoe ging het verder?

It was not the first fire at the Pier of Scheveningen and certainly not the last. In 1994 Fire was founded by two guys. When was the damage around four tonnes.

Also in 2011 there was a big fire over the treasure island. The amusement arcade was severely damaged. Shortly afterwards showed Van der Valk owner know that they wanted to sell the pier, because maintenance costs were beginning to really.

The pier was 2013 largely declared bankrupt. An attempt to auction the pier failed. In 2014 The pier was eventually sold to a property company and an investment company.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 23-04-2018

story number: 112