THE HAGUE - In the Hague's Schilderswijk a family was chased out of the neighborhood tonight by an angry mob. The popular anger was prompted by a documentary on television about the family with seven children living in very poor circumstances.

Tonight there were at least a thousand people in and around the Jan de Baenstraat. Windows of the family's house were smashed. At least two people were injured. The police have also deployed a water cannon. That was already not happened for three years.

The police brought the woman and the seven children of the family to safety at nine o'clock. The father of the family wanted to stay, but was taken away half an hour later - with great difficulty by the great riot.

While the police cars left with the "King" family towards the police station, there was a shower of stones and swear words at the back. “The KRO has disgraced the Schilderswijk with the documentary made", local residents say to Het Parool. “They have one of the most showing social families. ”

Documentary "People of Goodwill’ (1969)

Wrong image

According to the local residents, the TV documentary "People of good will, that the people in the Schilderswijk in a bad light come to stand.

The King family (pseudonym) lives in a three-room house in the Jan de Baenstraat in a small apartment with seven children. The documentary showed under which poor circumstances. Income there is hardly any. The father has a job as a night driver.

The broadcast shows how the rats and mice walk through the rooms. The children sleep together in a few beds and are often sick due to poor hygiene.

All seven children are in one back room, in a few beds. In the documentary, the father of the family told about poverty circumstances.

“That filth and the children. Then he has this again, then the other has ulcers again. Well they are all in bed together. Some of them are still pissing in bed. That whole mess will lie down for weeks. So she gets it from her again. Then the other children also got it. Those kids light each other anyway? If one is sick, they get it all seven. "

("Father King’ in People of Goodwill, 1969)

Because despite the appalling circumstances, the family is still having more and more children, the father of the family has meanwhile been nicknamed 'Rinus de Wipper'.

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Infamous neighborhood

The anger was kindled somewhat by the KRO. That broadcaster had announced the documentary by television maker Koekoek with the term that "the Schilderswijk was a notorious neighborhood ".

The television maker Koekoek also reported late tonight in the De Baenstraat. That only increased the anger. Koekoek also had to be led away under police supervision.

The rumors that local residents in the prevent documentary, have been paid to add to the story. One of the neighbors of the family, who does not want to be mentioned by name, confirmed that to him money is required. The family itself would have received fifteen hundred guilders for making the movie, the man says to het Parool.

When it was reported during the last television news it was restless in the Schilderswijk, it got even busier. The newcomers were probably people from surrounding neighborhoods, which also one wanted to see part of the action up close, or participate.

Not going back

 "Mrs. King" has already said that she does not want to return to her old one house in the Jan de Baenstraat.

“They pulled my hair last night when I was brought to this home by the police with my children. In any case, the municipality must provide a different house. ”

("Mrs. King" in the Parool, 13-05-1969)

The family is still behind the film, as it was made by Cuckoo. "It is a very good program", the female protagonist tells De Telegraaf. “This is the reality and no different. I've been seeing here for nine years now, five years as an emergency. Maybe the municipality will finally do something. ”

Police Commissioner Onderdelinden also announced that it was family is not going back to the house in the Jan de Baenstraat for the time being.

Hoe ging het verder?

With the first evening the problems were in the Schilderswijk not over yet. Sterker nog, the next evening it was even more intense than the evening before.

Eleven detainees are arrested. Most of them came from other neighborhoods in The Hague.

The riots also spread to the police station on the Van der Vennestraat. Windows are thrown in there. A 26-year-old chief constable gets a stone on his neck and has to go to the hospital. Also three rioters get injured.

The Hague alderman Happel says in a response that he regrets that the KRO documentary shows a "one-sided view of the Schilderswijk ".

At that time, a solution is still being sought the family. He eventually did not return to the Jan de Baenstraat.


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Author:  Dave Datema

published: 11-05-2019

story number: 96

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