The Hague - The chic Strait has begun with the demolition of the house of 'Geitemie', such as the occupant is known. The dilapidated house was used in part by the woman as a stable for animals. To the annoyance of local residents.

Geitemie sputtered until yesterday against. While construction workers had already begun demolition, -half they slept in the open air- still in the house. The animals had left the meantime.

Strait 21, Interior house Geitemie, shortly before the demolition. Photographer: Unknown, Hague Beeldbank. License: Public Domain

pastor Daughter

The protagonist in the sad story vicar's daughter to Gempt, nicknamed Geitemie, because she had several goats and poultry. The animals were in the garden, but also came in. Income women has barely.

The house was nearby and The Hague an eyesore, partly due to the complaining neighbors. People who spoke passed the house of a sour and foul air '.

Big cleaning

Strait, house cleaning of Geitemie (december 1932). Photographer: Unknown, Hague Beeldbank. License: Public Domain

A year ago, the municipality already intervened. The municipal cleaning took two cars with manure and dirt out. Locals watched with interest far more than average.

According to the Haagsche Courant was it that the animals were well cared. Geitemie itself did not suffer from the stench, it was concluded.

Meanwhile, the municipality was well in the stomach with the dilapidated house and the ever-complaining neighbors. Councilor Vrijenhoek had little confidence that would improve the situation and decided that the house should be declared uninhabitable. In this way, the minister's daughter could not stay longer.


Geitemie is an attraction in The Hague. Youngsters watch and make animal sounds when they see women working in her backyard.

Geitemie but can also rely on allies. The stories about the eccentric occupant not only regional, but also made the national press. And that produces reactions. In the newspaper the Fatherland released a letter to the editor of a woman's fate 'developed, very good-hearted preacher's daughter 'picks. She calls people to give money, so that the woman is on top again.

“Because when these 'false interest’ sometimes was converted by us in the right and we gave her some money to put a good chicken coop, thereby from the sale of eggs could live and get some help to clean the book, they continued to live with her animals in peace and cleanliness”

(letter, The Fatherland, 14-01-1933)


Meanwhile, the church went through with plans to throw the house to the ground. According to officials of the municipality the property was so humid, there is a danger to health. The roof leaked, drains did not work, the attic floor was about to collapse and the outer walls also were in bad condition.

The owner, who rents the property to Geitemie, get the right contract to renovate the house, otherwise it goes to the ground. She refuses. A renovation would be too expensive and not profitable.

De huisbaas hoopt dat Geitemie door de erbarmelijke omstandigheden zelf haar koffers pakt. Maar dat gebeurt niet. En hoewel de eigenaresse zich aanvankelijk met hand en tand tegen de afbraak verzet, gaat ze uiteindelijk toch akkoord met de sloophamer.

Strait, afbraak van ‘het huis van Geitemie’ (6-1-1934). Photographer: Unknown, Hague Beeldbank. License: Public Domain

Niet zonder slag of stoot

Toen drie bouwvakkers deze week wilden beginnen met het platgooien van het huis, weigerde Geitemie opnieuw te vertrekken. Zelfs nu het dak er deels vanaf was, bleef ze op de door haar gehuurde bovenverdieping. Haar laatste nacht kijkt ze rechtstreeks naar de sterrenhemel.

Vanmorgen heeft de bijzondere dame haar strijd dan toch gestaakt. Het gat in het dak was te groot geworden om in het huis te blijven wonen. De krant ‘Het Vaderland’ omschreef het alsof ze ‘gecapituleerd had’ na haar veldtocht tegen ‘steenen en balken’.

Hoe ging het verder?

Alhoewel de term ‘Geitemie’ voor sommige (oudere) mensen uit Den Haag zeker nog wel bekend is, is volstrekt onduidelijk wat er verder is gebeurd met Mejuffrouw Te Gempt.

At the site of the 'private zoo’ You can now stay in the Hilton Hotel. Previously the building was the office of the central administration of the PTT.

UPDATE: Four years after its expansion announced the foundation Spiritualitische ethicals Circuit which Mejuffruw A. to Gempt on 11 september 1938 "To better places’ went. (Thanks to JDK)


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