Den Haag – A protest for better working conditions in the Hague Theater Verkade tonight is completely out of control. Activists voiced their displeasure during a performance in the theater were beaten by the rest of the audience. Then the protesters were again detained by police.

The strike of the actors began six days ago, after talks that lasted two years had yielded nothing. The artists demands of the theater managements minimum salary 120 gulden, a subsistence allowance of 8 guilders per day and a pension fund. Especially the last point provides much resistance from employers, theater directors.

Some theaters have been removed in recent days shows, because no actors are available. In other theaters have performances continue, because the theater directors crackdown.

Prior to the performance at the Theater Verkade director Cor van der Lugt spoke tonight to the audience. He warned that there may pamphlets were thrown across the room. People were just better stay calm.

rowdy comedy

The program included the comedy "Mr. Parable and kitchen maid 'of the Hofstad stage. One of the actresses of this group, Ms. Duymaer Twist, replaced a striking actress. Someone in the audience was accordingly and made the replacement out for "sneak-star '. runners, present in the conference room, intervened immediately and the man put the hall.

But this was not over. Other strike sympathizers themselves heard and flew the first pamphlets through the hall. The police then put even more people out of the room.


Theater Director Van der Lugt then entered the second stage. United the audience said that the group was 'to continue', followed by a standing ovation to the Director.

After a few minutes it went wrong again. Weather was called and flew through the room pamphlets. But this time the public meddled.

"There clothes were torn piece; eyes were beaten blue; some were bleeding injuries; in the lobby, to which was moving battle panes were pressed. The police had to take the victims under its protection "

(Algemeen Handelsblad - 11-01-1920)

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"By Play '

For a third time, Van der Lugt took the stage. Again he got a standing ovation. Attendees were still of the opinion that the actors had to 'continue'. The Superintendent of Police then took the floor. He warned that these people were trying to disturb the order would not only be arrested, but also would get an official report.

But within five minutes it went wrong again. Van der Odor, which also played a role in the show, came on stage. Then several men asked the audience's attention: "Mr Director, I rise ".

But they had no opportunity to speak, because they were immediately blows the audience. Again people were arrested and taken away. Several visitors who had nothing to do with action, meanwhile went home.

The Director expressed the laggards on the heart to use more violence in the hall. It did not. It continued to quietly.


According to police, a dozen people during and after the show picked up. It would be "paid propagandists', According to Van der Lugt.

"Twelve ringleaders, no actors, but paid propagandists and better known to the police than with the theater audience, are stored in one of the politiebureaux. "

(Algemeen Handelsblad - 11-01-1920)

The Dutch Stage Association (NTV) denies that the protesters are paid to express their displeasure. They also point out that not have been the activists, but the normal public, that caused the disturbances at the theater.

Furthermore, the NTV is surprised that a day before the runaway show only two tickets were sold. However, the hall was packed, when the show started.

Against the arrestees report has been prepared for public disturbance. It is among others a man of highway maintenance, a notorious bike thief and some stallholders. The police said that they previously were aware of the plans to call attention to the striking actors. That is why the police were out in force.

Whether any arrests have been made under the bone known theater visitors, is niet bekend.

Hoe ging het verder?

Whether there was an intent by theater director Van der Lugt was never entirely clear, but some (leftist) Media were there well convinced.

It does not mean that the strike ended yet continued. Pass the end of May 1920 The strike ended. The key point, the pension, was not brought.


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Text: Dave Datema coop Rob Vermeulen

published: 01 oktober 2017

story number: 39

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