ROTTERDAM – The Rotterdam police this morning batch run on the Coolsingel. A large group of thousands of migrants were under the assumption that they could buy a residence for a thousand guilders to the police. That is not true.

In recent days the group office Doelwater have become increasingly. Late last week there were still several hundred Moroccans and Turks, who were illegally in the country. This morning it was especially for Pakistanis.

The group became so large that the police had to close the Coolsingel to car traffic. The crowds at the Rotterdam aliens police eventually became so great, that police on horseback had to be deployed.

One of the waiting men say they have heard stating that they buy residence permits. The man himself has paper, but has come to Rotterdam to support his family, says he at Radio Rijnmond.

The misunderstanding comes from the introduction of new immigration law. People can now in the country of origin a residence permit and are there 1000 guilder fees for pay. Tot 1 April could be made that application at a police station, but now So no more.

By an unknown cause that story wrong explained. Those rumors were spread in coffee shops and other locations. And Now, people with hundreds of cars drove together to Rotterdam.

If you have a walk around the neighborhood running around the hall you see a lot of foreign license plates; Belgian, German and even Italian board. "They come from everywhere", says a police spokesman.


The police have the same story repeatedly forced to tell. And the group is seems to be reduced to the door. Sterker nog, people who are to be turned away, just keep standing.

Up to nine hours and then the police decided it's enough. The street is swept, by officers on horseback.

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The action had little effect, as were a few hours later people back in the queue.

"The information service is clear been insufficient", Hessing concludes chief of the Rotterdam Rijnmond police TV. “Aan de andere kant denk ik dat in verschillende talen het op zichzelf al vrij moeilijk is elkaar in deze complexe materie goed te begrijpen waar het om gaat.”

The police think the rumors are spread by groups that make big money, by she example to Rotterdam, driving Amsterdam or The Hague. As previously This week a van with ten people put it on the side of the road. The driver had more than 8000 French franc pocket.

One might even Pakistani 1200 dollars have paid for a cab from Italy to Netherlands.

Rotterdam is not the only place where there was great hustle. Also at the aliens police in Amsterdam was chaotic. People who were rejected, story went to get the Pakistani Embassy in The Hague. Also, there was pressure.

Hoe ging het verder?

The police decide to certain broadcasters for use migrant groups to quell rumors. That works reasonable and after a few days, the flow of migrants to the door Police on the Doelwater.

Op 6 April, the group has been a lot smaller. Only some Pakistanis and Ghanaians are still for the police.

And which are illegal or not picked up? though. Op 6 April shows certainly thirteen Pakistanis have been deported.

Dutch Center for Foreigners has no good word about the conduct of the Dutch state. The government would Migrants have not notified, says NCB. That information was under the NCB only available on the Department. According to the NCB, The influx would even provoked.

State Kosto dismisses criticism road. The information was available in seven languages.

"And if people who do not believe information and to do anything to get a verugnning, We can do that much to ",

(you Kosto, TVNZ, 06-04-1994)


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 04-04-2019

story number: 91

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