ROTTERDAM - It's now been described as the "most controversial transfer in Dutch history ', but is completed after today. Johan Cruijff (37), star of Ajax, play next season for Feyenoord.

This afternoon, the contract was signed for one season. Cruyff had been there on holiday in Spain interrupted.

The football player will play on receipts basis. That construction is not new. Cruyff had also in his contract such a scheme after his return to Ajax. Als er meer dan 22.000 Visitors coming to a race, Cruyff then get a share of the extra income.

"There is a built-in threshold", is the explanation of Chairman Gerard Kerkum to TVNZ.

"Last season Feyenoord was below average 20.000 spectators per match, while our budget was geared to 25.000 spectators. With Cruyff there we think to raise that number considerably "

(Gerard Kerkum, Feyenoord president, NRC 16-06-1983)

According Kerkum had something happen at Feyenoord, After the departure of Michel Valke and stopped Willem van Hanegem. Cruijff must be seen as an extension of the field in the trainer Thijs Libregts.

Cruyff on the Amstedam-708 tournament. Foto: Marcel Antonisse, National Archives / Anefo


Cruyff could choose from multiple offers in recent weeks. There was interest from the Swiss and French Toulouse FC Luzern. Both clubs come with big bags of money. But do not move more with his move to Feyenoord, Cruijff do and that probably played a major role.

Feyenoord came a month ago for the first image, when talks between Ajax and Cruyff seemed to fail. Ajax chairman Harmsen told no one and a half million guilders to have. That coach Aad de Mos his star player wanted to keep happy, could bring the president not to change their minds.

"It was for me the necessary rancor towards my old employer Ajax, but it is stupid to let you lead by such promptings. Therefore, I have taken a break before I said yes to Feyenoord. "

(Cruyff, NRC, 16-06-1983)


Trainer Thijs Libregts was a happy man with the new purchase. "I've always had confidence that it would be good", he told Het Vrije Volk. "John has expressed a particular praise for Feyenoord and the audience in front of me after the farewell match of Willem van Hanegem. He saw it down. "

Captain Ben Wijnstekers think with Cruyff Feyenoord can certainly play a significant role in the Eredivisie. This season, Feyenoord second. Three years before Feyenoord failed to finish in the top 3.

Johan Cruijff says goodbye to trainer Thijs Libregts. Foto: National Archives / Anefo

But the Rotterdam public was extremely positive about the arrival of Cruyff. During the farewell match Van Hanegem's, when the possibility of a move to Rotterdam were just known, Cruyff was (playing along in WK'74 team) hear quite a few curses. The stands were also read banners that read "Cruyff rot on '.

In late May, there were several letters per week in the Rotterdam newspaper Het Vrije Volk on the advent of the Amsterdam.

"The possible arrival of Cruyff Feyenoord has made me decide to send me back old season ticket as a symbolic sign of disapproval to the foundation board. As long as Cruyff plays for Feyenoord I'm not in the stadium. Feyenoord forever - never Cruyff.

(letter to The Free People, 20-05-1983)

"When Cruyff Ajax is dead, he would be good enough for Feyenoord? To fill his pockets, we do not need it. Yet rather than degrade champion with Cruyff”

(letter to The Free People, 20-05-1983)

Whether these complainers are going to get will equal seen at the Rotterdam tournament, a friendly tournament with HSV, Liverpool and Standard Liege.

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'Third time's the charm'

Now the contracts are signed, President Kerkum Feyenoord have been vindicated. The third time became the charm. For Feyenoord tried to get twice before Cruyff to De Kuip and only the third time it was hit.

When Cruyff was still young player Feyenoord had attempted to Ajax. Feyenoord later tried by a special arrangement with the Belgian club Waregem. Ajax did not sell it to rival Feyenoord star player. Waregem Cruyff would buy and immediately rent to Feyenoord. That plan fell through because Cruyff chose Barcelona.

Hoe ging het verder?

The arrival of Cruyff put Feyenoord any harm. The club picked up both the cup and the league title. It was the last time Feyenoord 'double' snatched.

More spectators arrived. The season average was 25.146 (spacious 10.000 more than PSV and more than twice as Ajax).

Cruyff played 33 league games and was voted Footballer of the Year. He scored eleven times.

It was a very successful year for farewell Cruyff, ten year was already stopped, but the football had drawn after a failed business adventure.

Op 13 mei 1984 Cruyff played his last match against PEC Zwolle. A few months later he played a farewell match in Saudi Arabia. He earned millions with.

The following year he began his career off the field as a technical adviser at Roda JC. He then appeared as opting for Feyenoord, but it became Ajax.


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